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Either you have relatives or you have nothing at all. I guess this is the feeling young children have. They are visited by these great giants and then they go visit them and it stays in their mind, where they live, what they’re like.

My brother, visiting after mom died, asked me who my favorite relative was. I expected he was after Uncle Al whose diabetes has left him unable to walk anymore. Uncle Al is a great fun loving man with a great sense of  humor married to my mom younger sister. Al served in the military during WWII and was even in combat. There is a joke in the family that he won the war. He once said he was in the Polish army because he is of Polish descent and looking at the gigantic photo of him in uniform on the small apartment wall in Greenpoint, N.Y. it was hard to tell if he was in the American army or the Polish one. It was only years later I discovered the problem with a Polish army. So, it was typical of John and I told him my favorite was Aunt Margie, pronounced Mar-Ghee for the most part though Al could call her Marge.

But, I was just thinking about it all here, being alone, unemployed and in a great deal of debt, where had all the friends gone? What happened? I reflect up on it quite a bit. Careers, personal preferences, high standards and I end up with mom and dad for 30 years, no peers, no comrades. Did it just happen to me I wonder because what if I’m talking to someone who is just as stunned by the solitude as I am? Did you friends just up and disappear? Did they ignore you, give you the heave ho? I went to a psychologist, a mental health clinic to speak to the problem and little speaking was done there unless it was about social security and food stamps, going back to school or finding work. After many years I was allowed to speak to what happened in 1977/78 but it was just once every 2 weeks. There was some talk about Gurus and mediation experiences then, but not much about this being alone without fellows my age, without women.

Ram says to think about it will bring it on again. Or I think he says that. It’s hard to just ignore. I have lost many social skills now. Although I have quit smoking and drinking and doing drugs, I can’t make friends very easily. I never have anyone at my house nor do I visit others houses. I have been to official organized places. That seems to be okay, but a private place is off limits.

Is our society more anti-social than ever and did it start in 1977/78?


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