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Satsang, worm, Yankees game

I ran my Guru Gita tape today and the Yankees won. Wouldn’t you know it? But, I didn’t go to satsang tonight.

Ram says not to take things too seriously. Did I tell you how clean it is at the center? Maybe that’s it or

maybe they don’t know of the blogspot and that keeps us distant. They are all women over there now, it

looks like but they are not for erotic adventure. They are serious. They don’t like social networking either

it seems, none of them are on Facebook. I am not myself very inclined to say, “hey, are you on Facebook?”

I keep my distance, too. The men and women sit on two different sides of the room, you know. They play

at tape we can listen to and chant along with. Some pretty good editing when I was there a week ago. First,

an excerpt from a talk by Gurumayi was played and then some chanting. I believe it was only half of the

chanting disk they have. I know the disks, they run over an hour so they couldn’t have had the talk and the

disk at the same time. They have a high def TV there, too. Pretty cool. It was a nice night. Lots of gold and

yellow hues in the center, a touch of that burnt orange. I worry when I go there. Last time at leas I can

account for the worry dissipating throughout the hour and a half. Usually a night runs from 7:30 P.M. to

9:00 P.M.

I was very involved with my computers tonight trying to set up the router with a new password and to

connect it to the DirecTV system.  And as I write it appears I have gotten the On Demand feature working.

Unfortunately I have a devil of a virus or worm on one of my computers. I am running a program to see if

I can get rid of it. Actually, 2 programs, Avast! Antivirus and Malware Bytes. I’ll tell you how that works

out, but right now my corn is done. I’m having some corn on the cob and maybe some instant potatoes tonight.

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