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Computer Crazy

Computer crazy. I wonder if Michelle has that password for roboform I need. It might be on the maching I “sold” her. I wonder if she ever got the DVD rewrite drive working. Guy across the street could help her, Gator PC Repair. I’ve been fiddling with the things all day.  When you uninstall Windows and put it on a new drive all the old programs won’t work. You have to reinstall from disks or from files online at the manufacturers’ websites. I’m trying to get my Epson Perfection working. That’s my scanner. I can’t seem to get any peripherals working. The all-in-one printer isn’t recognized and that portable HP that I’ve broken the back on, the part where the paper leans against when it is being fed into the printer, doesn’t even power up with the cord plugged in.

Windows installed drivers for the scanner but no program seems to recognize it. Maybe I need a new program. I am looking at a Photo Editor now because I don’t have the secret number that comes on the old one. Photo Elements. The number was on the sleeve but I don’t know where that is. I can get a 30 day trial of there latest edition but after that it will cost $89. It might be worth it. The one I was working on was version 1, but the latest is 9. So, it’s grown quite a bit. I have never really known that much abuot it. All I knew was how to import documents from my scanner, mostly. It gets very busy at the computer

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