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Dreams of Home

Dreamed last night that my parents were alive and we were living in our house together with the 2 dogs. It was kind of idyllic.

I have these dreams of the house. In the dreams I really don’t know that mom is gone and there is a gentle pushing to remind me. It throws me off because I’m pursuing things. I’m pursuing love and success and the things we pursue in life. In the dream I can see my father but I’m not sure where mom is. Is mom dead? I don’t know. Then yes, is dad dead? There are 2 dogs, one from when I grew up who we lost when we got down here to Florida. We didn’t have a fence or anything and the building of the house was so trying for my parents and changing schools for me, along with the big political events, the peace movement and big Beatles hit, Love, Love, Love. I was still a virgin so it mattered to me. Kent State had happened. That dog and the dog that we got later after she disappeared. Both dogs it seemed were in the dream.

I have these dreams of houses. I don’t live in a house anymore. I live in an apartment. Mom and dad are gone.

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