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Letter in the Nerve, Should it have been Salon? Oh, my.

Eddie Bryan

If only it wasn’t so obvious that if you have a drinking problem the solution is Jesus. I heard a song by Prince on his Greatest Hits disk I think where he calls the Pope’s experience blissful. Is he kidding? Bob Dylan born again, my my. Tell me that hasn’t changed the world and not especially for the good either.
Every time there is a visit by the Pope to this country it is major news. Why is that? Now if a great Indian spiritual master dies “there was great controversy” over him/her. Yeah, I get it, liberal politicos don’t want to hear about Indian spiritual masters but they are the ones for DIVERSITY.
Gibson’s movie on the passion, a silly concept from the Indian point of view, the sacrifice of God’s own son to appease God, was derided for Jewish stereotypes the learned liberal community perceived. Frankly, I knew nothing much about Judaism, I just don’t believe in the atonement. I believe in the At-One-Ment as Paramahamsa Yogananda put it in his book, Autobiography of the Yogi. But, that was no issue to the politically liberal community. What a schism there is between them and the consciousness movement if they even recognize there is such a movement or such a name of a movement and on and on. More words, more words.
So let the liberal take it to the fundamentals, reincarnation. Quickly, right away. Back to the abc’s, huh? No wonder so many people say there is no difference between the Left and the Right.
The press had multiple orgasms over Mel Gibson when he came on the scene, why? Because he looked good. Now they have fallen out of love the outside of Mel, appalled at what they see on the inside. But what do they know about the inside? Not much.

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