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Letting me have it

I am waiting for the reaction to the post about Mel Gibson. Inevitably when I speak of yoga as I have in that post I get a response that is not too nice. People hate yoga. It’s like Jews as a matter of fact. I think yogis should have a Yogi Defense League just like the Jews. Not talking about Hindus because yogis can be Hindu or Buddhist and I believe they are reaching out to be counted among other religions like Christianity and Islam.

Yogis say again and again you can be any religion. I’m talking about the yoga of meditation and devotion, not the hatha yoga that is often found so difficult. In fact in the Guru Gita a text used by Siddha Yoga it says “what is the use of practicing for so long those windy pranayamas, which are difficult and cause diseases, and the many yogic exercises, which are painful and difficult to master. Constantly serve only one Guru to attain that spontaneous and natural state.” verse 51.

I am reminded to be light hearted. I guess I should not read the news then and thus avoid the sharp tongues and the ambitious pretenses of journalists and others. I have to laugh thinking how I read this morning a tweet from Jim Carrey, one of my favorite comedians, who said he liked, oh, actually, loved the paparazzi. Oh, boy. I asked him what he thought of autograph hounds. Can you imagine. Bob Dylan is credited with saying the press ruined his sex life. I don’t think that would be so easy to do but imagine the hounding, the comments, the nasty attitudes. Anything for a “story.”

Anything except a Guru. Of course if you can get some dirt on a spiritual master that would be something. They’re not Americans you know. Not for the most part. You can’t call them Jews or Muslims, Gays or Lesbians, although I know they like to think the ecstatic one is a hypocrite in truth, screwing whom he/she pleases while talking about the inner life.

I’m sorry that Bob Dylan doesn’t meditate, that he’s a born again Christian but you know I was too. Why? Because that’s the power in our nation. I’m sure there are a lot of psychological reasons why I turned to the church when the hippie folk I knew turned against me but I have read statistics. Whether true or not the stats say go church in America and go protestant church. Bob converted to Catholicism but was still able to sell it as Born Again Christ instead of Jewish conversion. In my mind Born Again Christ has something to do with Detox, getting off the drugs. I was just a confused intellectual, thrown off the drugs by unemployment and bad grades. People get tired of letting you smoke theirs.  Friends graduate school and go away, if you have smart friends who will play by the university’s rules.

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  1. May 7, 2011 at 10:43 PM

    Appreciate your comments on Yoga – Thanks for this. . ./John

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