Today I woke up early. I had gotten to bed late and yet I was awake at 8:30 in the morning. Maybe it was 9:30 but I didn’t want to get up. I did though and made coffee, shaved and brushed my teeth. I remembered I had called my dentist on Friday and I was waiting for them to call me. I guess it was a little before 9 that I got up.

I remember it being very late when I went to bed and I take these melatonins to get me to sleep. So, up though … and at ’em. Called the dentist myself instead of waiting for her to call and we made an appointment for the next day, Tuesday, at 11 a.m. What an interesting start to a day though. It was a good start. I really enjoyed it. I think it was thinking about these girls at the health food store that got me so happy, but then I had read the night before about C.S. Lewis and Screwtape. Something about that was inspiring, lively, and I liked that, too.

I worried about the money I have left and I had to check out exactly how much that was on the Internet, in my online banking. My bank is changing hands from Wachovia to Wells Fargo and it gets a little confusing getting to my account online. I understand it now. I checked out how much money was in the bank and then I went to my credit card with Bank of America through Working Assets and I learned I had a little more money than I thought. I guess that took some stress off of me. I got myself together to go into town. It’s cool out now but it’s going to get hot by the weekend. Nice out. I wore just a short sleeved shirt and my jeans. I took Billy Joel’s CD with me. I only have one. It was the last one before he and Christie Brinkley broke up, River of Dreams. I listened to that on the way into town. I had a mind to get my coffee filters in town and sponges and cups. I like styrofoam cups because then I don’t have to do dishes. I picked those things and a few others up at Publix on 16th ave. Then I went and had coffee at the Starbucks on Newberry Road. That was an interesting experience. I “over” heard that the girls there were going away to college. I guess a position will be open, I thought later. Anyway, some nice girls there. First one I noticed was very tall but attractive. I had the strange idea that her behind was exposed to me. I kept looking but it wasn’t. She had a skirt on. I think she wasn’t used to wearing skirts but rather preferred jeans. An older woman took a call on her cell phone. She spoke kind of loudly. I thought perhaps the cell phone was something new to her or that she was trying to teach me something. I had a sense that the women in the shop would like to meet me. I never use my phone. Presumably, women would be one venue for the phone to take care of. It would be great for a date, no? Where are you? I’m here. Oh, ok, I’ll be right there.

I’m sorry I’m wasting so much money on the darn phone. It’s $39.99  a mo. for me but partly because I send these letters to people in power. I hardly ever read them anymore but I often get letters in the mail from Senators and Congresspeople telling me how they feel on certain issued in response to these letters that are sent in my name. Don’t worry, I am usually in support of the letter’s position. That’s why I pay to have them sent.

I thought a lot about why I dont’ have a job. By the end of the day, after watching the Yankee game I decide it’s because I’m a Yankee fan. Isn’t that ridiculous?

Well, see ya later.

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