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New Ark

In 1977 I was very interested in a group committed to non-violence called The Ark. It was more advanced than I was ready for. Seems like I don’t know anything about being the rookie in these adventures. I quit before I get very far because I don’t think I’m making progress. I expect somehow I’m supposed to be happy. If I just had something to say to mom that would have been cool, but most of my adventures included a rejection of all parental influences, or so it seemed to me.

I had become a victim of violence that year. I was 24. Maybe that age didnt fit into my victim of violence concept. Maybe the place, North Central Florida didn’t fit. Some local activity enjoyed making my victimization public, but they didn’t want to get into any further details, like how I loved the girl friend of the man who hit me, how I was hot for fame, how I thought bisexuality could help me get that fame and financial support. So, I rejected them and turned to violence myself. I got my revenge on the one who assaulted me. A group like the Ark faded into the distance. I concentrated on Coming One groups. Many expected a Messiah, an Avatar, a Buddha soon to appear. I learned, of course, that he/she must appear in your Heart first, before he appears in the world, but I kept looking for  him/her in the world.

I bought a record by the poet, Patti Smith in ’78. She sang the line New Ark. She was from that northeast section of the United States, Jersey, New York, PA, MA, Connecticut, etc. and yet she had a worldly counter cultural fame that would allow her to know of the Ark, that organization committed to advancing the cause of non-violence throughout the world. It was the Easter album.  My mind, being full of religious thought, the Christ, the Bodhisattva, Avatars and Swamis found it hard to think maybe the poet was fighting Playboy. No Bunny, you know. The resurrection is a big issue in intellectual circles. Many Catholics say there was no resurrection, a book I read calling itself a revelation says there was no coporeal resurrection but that Christ appeared to his Apostles in a kind of spiritual form, called morontial. I hadn’t heard of or read that book then. Why Easter, I still don’t know, I guess.

When I think of the expression New Ark, I think Knew Ark.  I knew of the Ark, that organization committed to non-violence in the late 70’s.

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