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Shut In

Reflecting on days in the ’80s when my mom and I were classified as shut-ins by the United Methodist Church. I guess it was part of that beggaring situation. Mom participated in a program called Share where you got an allotment of food for a little work. A food co-op in Gainesville operated that wasy in the 70’s. They were embezzlled though in the 80’s and that closed them down. The next co-op in Gainesville that I knew of, Lemongrass, did not require any participation.
I think not using the car won the shut-in label. I had to ask for the car then. I didn’t have a car of my own. My dad wouldn’t/couldn’t fix it and we did not even know a mechanic. Dad had melanoma that kept him from going outside, out in the sun. I got t feeling I had been banned from using the auto so I just stopped asking. Mom had bought a Granada in 1978. It stalled a lot. It had a carburetor defect.

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