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I just wrote a comment on an article at Salon. The article was about vegetarianism and wearing leather. It brought back memories of Imaginary Westerns and hippie breakfasts. Here’s the link.

I was just thinking about those kids who never wrote their newspapers and congressman like I have. They were concerned about the world. It’s a funny thing because they could well have been concerned about themselves. That was discouraged, I don’t know if it was on moral terms or something else. One argument for their having no problems was they smoked pot every day. Odd, isn’t it. Now, you think, that is a problem. I guess the established authorities were having such a problem with their arguments they had to throw that knucklball in there. Things were cool for the kids because they were stoned. Not that mom and dad were trying to hide anything, like how rich they were getting. Let the kids get rich their way. But riches are something of a concern now. Riches and careers and being fired for not being straight enough, for letting that hair grow a little long, for singing sanskrit mantras at work, for carrying a picture of your Guru.

I think now it was so altruistic we were and I kind of hesitate to say we because I often thought my own situation could be improved though I was advocating that the world’s hungry be fed or that corporations be democraticized.

Do you always think of martyrs when you think of the altruistic? Jesus, Gandhi, etc. ? Well, it means to be selfless and what could be more selfless than dying, isn’t that it? Probably not. The yogis say we have a subtle body that continues after death. So, self continues.

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