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Money is root of ALL EVIL!!!

This is a famous saying. You know about the Kundalini, the coiled energy at the base of the spine represented in Indian mythology as a serpent? It has been compared to the apple that Adam and Eve ate. It is the knowledge of good and evil.

How liberating to not have to think of money as evil, to just see for what it is, the currency by which we exchange goods and services. An awakened one sees it that way.

Many have taken Devi, a name of the Goddess Kundalini, to mean Devil. I learned of this in Osho’s book. Osho, the former Bhagwan Rajneesh. I was just thinking today of that Johnny Depp movie, The Ninth Gate. Depp plays a dealer in rare writings, books as it were. He finds this book dedicated to Satan called The Ninth Gate. India has it that the body has nine gates, or holes. Interesting. The Urantia Book which you certainly have heard of if you know me, says that this person Satan was named after our celestial system known as Satania. He made a mistake and rebelled against God with the Devil and the planetary prince Caligastia. That’s how UB has it. But I thought it interesting to have just thought of how small minded Christians will equate the Kundalini with the serpent in the Bible, making it evil. The Kundalini isn’t evil, it is knowledge. Good and Evil are actually inconsequential. When you know the truth, the truth will set you free.

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