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Buying Love and Loving

When I was a small boy I was warned against my my father’s gifts. I was told he was trying to buy my love. There was a gift he tried to give me that I rejected. I was only 7.

That could have changed my entire view of giving and receiving gifts. My mom gave me a lot of things after my father died, besides the free housing and food, housing that didn’t allow any drinking or getting stoned or sleeping with women and food that was the common fair.

Prem Rawat referred to his knowledge as a gift. It put the concept of gifts into my consciousness. We really don’t appreciate our gifts. Gurumayi also speaks of this, we don’t know what it is we have. We don’t appreciate it because we don’t know it. To me it’s like having one of those super technological devices of the present day and not knowing how to use it.

I could certainly use some gifts now. Even just work and friendship would be great gifts. It’s funny though that material needs are part of life and therefore of love. You can’t deny what people need and still say you love them, can you?

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