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My mother used to deliberately mispronounce the word family, putting a b in after the m, making it sound like fambly or fambooly. I never gave it any deep thought, mostly just self serving, wishful thinking thought. My step-brother Billy showed me some of the best times when I was young and yeah, there was alienation in my NotsoBrady Bunch.

Bill was a Kirby vacuum salesman in the 60’s and 70’s. Although the money was good he went bankrupt at some time down in Miami or somewhere. Moving up here where me and his mom lived he had a job driving Mark III vans to interstate destinations. He had been a cab driver part time in Brooklyn in the early 60’s. He also was a cook at a mental asylum before that. I think that was his first job. It was the Kings Park State Hospital which was an institution where we lived. We often kidded about escaped patients and others who wandered on the hospital grounds. He dropped out of school to take a job like that and buy a car. You know like young folks will.

He’s 70 years old now, just like Bob Dylan.

He took a job at the Veteran’s Hospital in Gainesville and is now retired from there. He plays golf every day. He used to belong to the Keystone Heights Country Club which gave him discounts on playing but he had to quit that when the economy got tough.

I don’t expect him to pay my bills. 


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