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Don’t you like to have sex?

I have been having trouble with a website I subscribe to called Get It On. I lost my password when I got on Roboform Everywhere. I synced up from one of my machines and I lost just about everything, seems like. Not sure how it happened. Everywhere is supposed to synchronize your passwords so if you change a password on one machine you don’t have to go looking for it, you know, go to the machine where you changed it or if you’re clever you have sent youself an email you can open up on your other machines so they have the new password. Certainly you don’t want to go around changing the password at every machine because you don’t have the password available.

So, I thought I could just get a new password as I was just saying, but I couldn’t because they had this old password.¬† So, I emailed them and they told me I had to call them and tell them the credit card I used, etc. Finally got around to that today. No credit card number was necessary. God, I do a lot of work. The computer takes up a lot of work though I can’t count playing chess and checkers and hearts, which I do quite frequently. If I do my workouts too, Jesus, I am tired. I have dishes to do and laundry, applications for work that take 30 to 45 minutes. Cooking is a pain. The real pain is I have no money.

So, let me tell you about Get It On. It’s an adult singles website. Exposure is ok here. At many places, i.e. Nerve.com you may not show erotic photos or videos of yourself. Here I would say they are encouraged. Nerve used to allow it but turned all uptight back in the 90’s and now talks some str8 bullshit about leaving things to the imagination. They have no idea what we can imagine even if the picture is naked. You used to see the big wangs and boobs all the time at that site. They had their own magazine, too, but now they let Cupid, or is it Fast Cupid take care of them.

I transferred from Adult Friend Finder to Get It On a year and a half ago. They are both about the same though I think GIO is not so up to par on keeping the website functioning properly. I haven’t been able to edit my videos. I have 3 or 4 of the same videos. I would like to delete a few but its all messed up there.

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