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I’ve been turned into a kind of accountant. I have to cut back on this and that which means calling services and companies. “Cancel my subscription please.” “Cancel my service, please.” And then there are arguments, the young sales representatives on the other end don’t want to lose a customer and they must argue with you about keeping your service.

Then, if you got no cash, think of selling things. How much are your things worth? Used things? Figure what you bought them for and then depreciation. Can you remember what you bought your shit for? How much that plasma TV cost and its attendant stand and etceteras. Your marble Ganesh statue? Will anybody else pay, $595 plus shipping for it, now?

How about your books. Some fresh books I bought for $400 now are $2 a book I read online. There were 18 volumes, that makes them $36.

$125 sandalwood statues, I bought years ago of Mahalakshmi (what a joke) and Saraswati (culture and education, another joke) now probably 5 or 10 dollars. And who would take advantage of you this way, your fellow devotees of course who are doing you a favor because no one else gives a damn for “that SHIT.” When you heard someone say they are Christian this is why, to set themselves apart from you, not to serve the will of Jesus Christ although apparently Christ’s only will was to convert the world to Christianity. When that’s done he’ll come again.

But, all that keeps the bank account safe. That’s really how they conduct the wars nowadays. That’s how they are “losing” the “war on drugs” they say on TV. Drug dealers are still making bundles of money, but former pot smokers like our humble self wallow in poverty, our hair cut short, no parties and no rock and roll music.

So is it the war on drugs, religious divisions or something personal? I can’t figure it out.

I’ll bet there is a lot personal going on with the big drug pushers. Who screwed who, who took who’s girlfriend, who made the other look like a fool, who will get into the harder drugs and who won’t, who’s the good two shoes and who’s hard core?

I can’t believe all the good friends and family who have abandoned me. These collectors are getting more and more serious as I fall further and further behind.


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