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Local, Local, Local

July 31, 2011 Leave a comment

They tell me to stay in town and not to go to “university city” to get my groceries and what all but this is just impossible for me. They don’t have what I want here. They have a Hitchcock’s here which has been very helpful of late with its change machine. It turns your small change into cash, but it takes 10¢ per dollar. Besides the health food store, mostly Mother Earth Market, I also shop at Publix and Sweet Bay’s. They have some lovely pre-made salads at Publix. Garden salads. I put on my own dressing and they are great, probably the healthiest thing I eat. They also have watermelon already sliced. My relatives grow watermelon and this is likely the season but we have this political difference, they’re Wallace and I’m Kennedy. On with the local. I also get Organic Valley Organic Low Fat 1% Milk at Publix. It has been cheaper than the Mother lately at $3.99 per half gallon. I honestly cannot drink any other milk, not even Horizon which once was okay but now is tasting of that same gauze that Woodstock tasted of. Please don’t speak of the old milk, the Gustafson, Farmbest or whatever. I absolutely cannot drink it, though maybe I am at the coffee shops. I really don’t know how I am doing that if I’m doing that. They don’t advertise that their milk is organic at Maude’s or Starbucks so I have to figure it’s some regular milk.

On with the show. I know the gas is expensive but I really enjoy those rides. I hate staying put. I was forced to for many years. I wasn’t in prison but authority figures were involved, mom and dad. Speaking of mom, she used to shop around here. Harvey’s which was Food Lion and is still owned by that company was one place she would drop into. There was a Hitchcock’s over in Hawthorne. She visited the doctor frequently in Hawthorne so it was easy for her to get some things at Hitchcock’s.

People seem to hate Gainesville out here. I wonder if they have any idea of sending their children to school over there, to the university or Santa Fe.  It’s a big money town to these “poor country folk.” I guess they’ll never see New York or Frisco. Those are real cities. Bigger than might Jacksonville which even teachers in Gainesville brad about being the biggest city in America. Of course, Jax is not so big, peoplewise. I’m not sure but I think Jax annexed some extra property to win the distinction of being called the biggest city. It has also been denying that it was named after Stonewall Jackson and swelling up to the historically inaccurate claim that it was named after ol’ Andy Jackson, U.S. General and 7th president of the United States.

Jax is a city allright, more truly a city than Gainesville and I’m sure it has some prices to match, but you would swear people around here were living in the Appalachians by how poor they claim to be and how tough the economy.

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Impersonal? Personal?

July 26, 2011 Leave a comment

The world is so impersonal. The place I live is impersonal. Doesn’t care if I have no job, and pretty often doesn’t even know me from Adam. What they do for me they would do for anyone. I’m not special, I’m not personal.

Or else maybe the world is personal and it has a personal grudge against you. You hippies, you flag burners, you pot heads. Like that. Disappointed that you survive at all.

It’s like the scales of justice. Are you sure justice is blind? Does it maybe take a peek to see who is on trial? Is it that one I don’t like? And so forth.

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Money Cannot Love

July 24, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s a phrase that sticks in your mind once you have read it. Money cannot love, and it had something to do with Jesus and his family. I had thought it had something to do with Jesus declining to go to Jerusalem to study with the advanced teachers there but it was about an army enlistment.

The statement appears in paper 127, section 2, paragraph 8.

127:2.8  Something had to be done. He must state his position, and this he did bravely and diplomatically to the satisfaction of many, but not all. He adhered to the terms of his original plea, maintaining that his first duty was to his family, that a widowed mother and eight brothers and sisters needed something more than mere money could buy—the physical necessities of life—that they were entitled to a father’s watchcare and guidance, and that he could not in clear conscience release himself from the obligation which a cruel accident had thrust upon him. He paid compliment to his mother and eldest brother for being willing to release him but reiterated that loyalty to a dead father forbade his leaving the family no matter how much money was forthcoming for their material support, making his never-to-be-forgotten statement that “money cannot love.”

Here’s the audio of the whole section, if you like:

I suppose a lot of people would love to use the phrase an excuse, a good reason to pass the buck and avoid responsibility. They say money cannot love but do not offer you love in declining you money. They figure you don’t know what love is anyway.

Here’s a photo of a saying my  mom had on her kitchen wall. It also has something to say about love.


People Are Unreasonable

On the Wall

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Why am I here?

July 22, 2011 Leave a comment

When I say here I mean, broke, barely able to pay the next month’s rent, unemployed and on food stamps. I think back to when I was 18. I have written some things about missing one extra gym class that cost me a decent grade point average and putting me on academic probation and the granting of the vote to the 18 year old. I might have mentioned the end of the draft, too. That’s one thing about the 70’s they seem to forget, the end of the draft. Sounds like I was done wrong but I have now a guilty pleasure that caused the downfall of Eddie Bryan. I wanted to sell dope. I wanted to sell dope, be a big hippie, sleep with all the sexually liberated hippie girls and so I didn’t want a dorm room. I wonder if I would have failed gym if I had had a dorm room. There was also a parking situation back then. I never got a commuter sticker after refusing the dorm room. I would need one of those to commute to school. I ended up getting quite a few tickets in my first semester at the University of Florida.

Ram Butler advises in his last lesson to avoid memory. I guess I just blew that. The reason he says is because usually we remember the bad things, the traumas and nightmares of the past and remembering them keeps them alive, they reincarnate for us because indeed we are their creator. I guess I just wanted to deal with the guilt. I bit the big apple and I deserve all the shit I get unless I want to turn to Jesus and be born again. Of course I’ve twisted that up to serve my own purposes but I’m just doing the same thing, dwelling on the shit. And the shit, says Ram, will return if I keep thinking about it.

What Resume statements really mean.

July 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Saw this at the Jobs Forum at

Cliché No. 1: “Strong communication, customer service and organizational skills.”
I’m social butterfly and I talk a lot in stead of working.

Cliché No. 2: “Introduced new products.”
I sucked at sales so they gave me things that didn’t sell well anyway.

Cliché No. 3: “Track record of success.”
I was a success in my opinion, but unfortunately not my bosses or I would still be working there.

Cliché No. 4: “Possess leadership, communication, motivational and inspirational skills.”
I don’t do what I’m told. I always argue with my boss and want to do things my own way.

Cliché No. 5: “Exceeded all productivity goals for the department.”
I got sent to the loser division where with a low enough bar even I can make it.

Cliché No. 6: “Go-to person.”
I butt in to everything and think I know it all even when I am clueless.

Cliché No. 7: “Team player.”
I get others to do my work for me.

Cliché No. 8: “Served as company spokesperson.”
I mouth off in public and make the company look bad.

Cliché No. 9: “Partner with others.”
Since I have no skills I hook up with others that do and get them to do all the work while I try and take credit.

Cliché No. 10: “Spoke with existing customers on a daily basis.”
In stead of finding new customers I try to poach customers from my fellow salemen.

Cliché No. 11: “Expert presenter, negotiator and businessperson.”
Yes, I am such an “Expert” that I have never run my own business and have been unemployed to years.

Cliché No. 12: “Managed cross-functional teams.”
When I can’t trick someone from my department into doing my work I try and pawn it off to people in other departments.

Cliché No. 13: “Resolved customer difficulties quickly and tactfully.”
I give them someone else’s name and then hang up on them.

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Famous brother stories

July 18, 2011 Leave a comment

What are some of those famous brother stories, Joseph and his gang, Caine and Abel. Caine the winner

in the battle to some, he did kill Abel and if you don’t believe in eternal damnation what’s the dif?

The Bhagavad gita is about a fratricidal war. That’s war between brothers. Would that be a high profile


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My Brother and his wife

July 18, 2011 Leave a comment

I think my brother and his wife have pulled a switcheroo on me. My sister in-law

also has a little brother. He’s pretty smart, pretty quick with things. He’s in math.

Bill probably got to see a lot of him in N.Y. It took a while before Bill and Kathleen

came down to Florida and then they went to Miami, I think, or was it Melbourne

first. They lived in both places. But Bill isn’t the guy I used to know. He’s not so

generous to me and he always has an answer for everything.

I’m not math whiz. I like the writing. I like India and its philosophy of the cosmos

its philosophy on life. He argues with me always about it. It’s like a study hall or

something. I have to think about all this shit, the maya, the reincarnation, Jesus

death on the cross for Bill’s sins and on and on. It’s a bunch of bullshit, let me tell


I was wondering should he have another little brother and I thought, maybe he already

has, maybe it’s his little brother in-law. If he wants to argue with someone let him argue

with him, but he’s in Houston, Texas, so no such luck.

He’s my step-brother, by the way.

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