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Doesn’t Life Suck?

Life sucks, doesn’t it? How do you go on saying come back to the moment, come back to your heart, come back to your love when you can’t get a job and you fall deeper and deeper into debt?

And is it important that old bullshit artists who thought they were so god damned friendly but were not  know whether you are Gay or not? Every Gay basher likes to know if you really are Gay or not so they know they kicked the shit out of the real item. Gay acts of love are not sexy to them. It’s funny though, you know, because these same people rocked out to David Bowie, Mott the Hoople and Lou Reed in 1972. You were digging Uriah Heap and Mountain, even that old rock n’ roll like Johnny Rivers, Little Richard and Elvis. Where was there Playboy magazine. Was their scene too hot for PB?

Ah but that was then when they had the girlfriend. Then the breakup which, did you know was arranged at the beginning? 4 years and you go. Just through college. Oh, well, now college is over. She’s graduating and you gotta leave. All the other fellows are gonna be hot for her, that’s for sure. So many have been hot for her already.

Why I have to remember all that bullshit even while every business in town turns me down for work. It seems important, I guess.

It rained all day today and I have a crack in my windshield that lets the rain inside. Drip, drip, drip.  It gets aggravating when you’ve driven over an hour in city traffic, such a city as Gainesville, Florida, small as it is, 4 P.M can be the Devil.

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