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It’s a Dream

I had this dream last night in which I was naked. My father and his son from his first marriage, a tall, gangly man who on this occassion had a full and shiny head of hair and my mom were in the dream. Mom did not like me to drink but my father’s son, Edward was drinking and offered me one. This was unusually friendly for him. I accepted the drink. In a quiet way he confessed some affection for me which he did not have in real life. The drink was the same as my father had drank for many years while working. I thought about the scotch I liked to drink with friends in college. Oddly, I was naked through all this as I often am these days where I live. When someone knocks I must ask them to hold on before I answer the door as I have to put some clothes on. I keep my blinds closed so as not to offend. So, I am naked with my father and mother and my father’s son, drinking in the old home in Melrose and thinking it kind of weird. I go to my bedroom and I begin to think. Yes, Edward is dead and so is my father and unfortunately, so is mom. This is a dream. I little red headed girl appears and starts saying she is having a dream, as if she was the dreamer. She is not so little as she has a daughter with her whom appeared quite quickly with her. Perhaps she is a smallish woman. But, I awake and become aware that I am on in Melrose. This is a frequent awareness when I wake up. I am often in Melrose in my dreams and wake up to realize I am in Keystone and have just had a dream. I notice how the layout is different. It is much like my room at my mom’s house in Melrose but I become aware of the neighboring rooms, the up and downstairs and the street outside.

I am reminded that all this is a dream of the mind as is said in India. I return to the present moment, the heart, the love. My mind thinks about the real. Often when we read of India, the Gods and Goddesses, that is the dream to us, but somehow reality is beyond what we call reality. There is something deeper within us that holds the real. It turns my mind to concentration. When I want to find the reality of things I concentrate. Isn’t that the thing? I remove what is extraneous, what has no relevance, what is unreal and focus/concentrate. My mantra, om namah shivaya comes to me. It is good to have concentration when I repeat it, concentration on what is real.

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