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I was 18

I was 18 and allowed to drink in Florida. That was unusual for Florida. They have made the age to drink a little older now, but in those days 18 year olds had just been given the RIGHT TO VOTE and with that came other privileges like the right to own a business and the right to drink alcoholic beverages. I’m not saying I have a gene or anything but my father was a horrific drinker. He quit when he retired and came back HOME. I think that may have been part of the deal to go back HOME. I liked New York. I had good friends there. I made good friends here when we moved but I think Dad really wanted to come back here where he was born and raised.

I was already drinking when the vote was passed and 18 year olds given those rights though I was not 18 yet. We all know how that is, but I think maybe this right influenced how I did at the university. The university might not have been used to 18 year olds drinking. This was new to Florida. Of course, I didn’t just drink in my first semester at Florida, I drank, smoked pot and took drugs. I chased women too but I had lost my virginity at 17 and had not much luck with women thereafter. I failed Physical Education, a requirement in University College and most degrees, because I was absent a 4th time when the rules admonished us only 3 absences. Looking back over my transcript I see that my Math teacher gave me a passing grade, even a C though I believe I only got to 2 or 3 classes his whole term. I wonder if the War was an issue. At Santa Fe where I was concurrently sitting in on a Social Science class there was a lot of talk about the war and its foolishness.

Sure, no doubt there was plenty of stuff before that fateful time, the science projects that were nothing but electro-magnets, the 30 days of absence a year throughout my school years, failing to memorize the table of elemenst (I remember that a lot, it was important to chemistry), the baseball dream, the rock n roll guitar dream. I guess those dreams leap forth into the college and adult years and the Utopian dream, the communal dream, the many lovers dream and even the transcendental dream. All dreams, just dreams that were never fulfilled. Well, these are just bad thoughts says Donnie Butler and I should stay away from them or they will make all that stuff come around again. It’s so hard to forget though. I always feel like I must explain.

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