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My Brother and his wife

I think my brother and his wife have pulled a switcheroo on me. My sister in-law

also has a little brother. He’s pretty smart, pretty quick with things. He’s in math.

Bill probably got to see a lot of him in N.Y. It took a while before Bill and Kathleen

came down to Florida and then they went to Miami, I think, or was it Melbourne

first. They lived in both places. But Bill isn’t the guy I used to know. He’s not so

generous to me and he always has an answer for everything.

I’m not math whiz. I like the writing. I like India and its philosophy of the cosmos

its philosophy on life. He argues with me always about it. It’s like a study hall or

something. I have to think about all this shit, the maya, the reincarnation, Jesus

death on the cross for Bill’s sins and on and on. It’s a bunch of bullshit, let me tell


I was wondering should he have another little brother and I thought, maybe he already

has, maybe it’s his little brother in-law. If he wants to argue with someone let him argue

with him, but he’s in Houston, Texas, so no such luck.

He’s my step-brother, by the way.

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