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Money Cannot Love

It’s a phrase that sticks in your mind once you have read it. Money cannot love, and it had something to do with Jesus and his family. I had thought it had something to do with Jesus declining to go to Jerusalem to study with the advanced teachers there but it was about an army enlistment.

The statement appears in paper 127, section 2, paragraph 8.

127:2.8  Something had to be done. He must state his position, and this he did bravely and diplomatically to the satisfaction of many, but not all. He adhered to the terms of his original plea, maintaining that his first duty was to his family, that a widowed mother and eight brothers and sisters needed something more than mere money could buy—the physical necessities of life—that they were entitled to a father’s watchcare and guidance, and that he could not in clear conscience release himself from the obligation which a cruel accident had thrust upon him. He paid compliment to his mother and eldest brother for being willing to release him but reiterated that loyalty to a dead father forbade his leaving the family no matter how much money was forthcoming for their material support, making his never-to-be-forgotten statement that “money cannot love.”

Here’s the audio of the whole section, if you like: http://urantiabook.org/audio/uversa_press_dvd/p127_02.m3u

I suppose a lot of people would love to use the phrase an excuse, a good reason to pass the buck and avoid responsibility. They say money cannot love but do not offer you love in declining you money. They figure you don’t know what love is anyway.

Here’s a photo of a saying my  mom had on her kitchen wall. It also has something to say about love.


People Are Unreasonable

On the Wall

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