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Local, Local, Local

They tell me to stay in town and not to go to “university city” to get my groceries and what all but this is just impossible for me. They don’t have what I want here. They have a Hitchcock’s here which has been very helpful of late with its change machine. It turns your small change into cash, but it takes 10¢ per dollar. Besides the health food store, mostly Mother Earth Market, I also shop at Publix and Sweet Bay’s. They have some lovely pre-made salads at Publix. Garden salads. I put on my own dressing and they are great, probably the healthiest thing I eat. They also have watermelon already sliced. My relatives grow watermelon and this is likely the season but we have this political difference, they’re Wallace and I’m Kennedy. On with the local. I also get Organic Valley Organic Low Fat 1% Milk at Publix. It has been cheaper than the Mother lately at $3.99 per half gallon. I honestly cannot drink any other milk, not even Horizon which once was okay but now is tasting of that same gauze that Woodstock tasted of. Please don’t speak of the old milk, the Gustafson, Farmbest or whatever. I absolutely cannot drink it, though maybe I am at the coffee shops. I really don’t know how I am doing that if I’m doing that. They don’t advertise that their milk is organic at Maude’s or Starbucks so I have to figure it’s some regular milk.

On with the show. I know the gas is expensive but I really enjoy those rides. I hate staying put. I was forced to for many years. I wasn’t in prison but authority figures were involved, mom and dad. Speaking of mom, she used to shop around here. Harvey’s which was Food Lion and is still owned by that company was one place she would drop into. There was a Hitchcock’s over in Hawthorne. She visited the doctor frequently in Hawthorne so it was easy for her to get some things at Hitchcock’s.

People seem to hate Gainesville out here. I wonder if they have any idea of sending their children to school over there, to the university or Santa Fe.  It’s a big money town to these “poor country folk.” I guess they’ll never see New York or Frisco. Those are real cities. Bigger than might Jacksonville which even teachers in Gainesville brad about being the biggest city in America. Of course, Jax is not so big, peoplewise. I’m not sure but I think Jax annexed some extra property to win the distinction of being called the biggest city. It has also been denying that it was named after Stonewall Jackson and swelling up to the historically inaccurate claim that it was named after ol’ Andy Jackson, U.S. General and 7th president of the United States.

Jax is a city allright, more truly a city than Gainesville and I’m sure it has some prices to match, but you would swear people around here were living in the Appalachians by how poor they claim to be and how tough the economy.

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