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Thank God for these tapes.

Mind is man. Gurumayi just said that in her talk Manahprasada, Tranquility of the Mind.

I had a real hard on for getting Siddha Yoga’s videotapes in the ’90’s. Living on mom’s

retirement income, it was often hard to conceive that she would allow the purchase of tapes

costing as much as $75, $90 or $100, but she did and I’m so glad she did. I see now that

these tapes are really like deities used in puja. They are fully deserving of worship in the

same way that statues and photographs are. Her voice, Her words, Her appearance, all their

in the videotapes.

They used to be advertised in DARSHAN magazin and their was a video series called DARSHAN. I

used to have such problems with listening to them. Her words sounded so hard sometimes. I used

to ask myself if she lived by the words she spoke to us? It’s hard to remember now the things she

said in that series but I was living with my mother and over 40 and looking for something quick. I

had taken an interest in Krsna Consciousness and I often took prasad at the Krsna Center. They had

quick answers it seemed to me, just chant Hare Krsna. Gurumayi didn’t have that to say. I had had

some problems with Krsna Consciousness going back to 1978. Of course everybody resented them for

their directions to sit up straight when you were listening to their lectures on the Bhagavad-gita. My

principle experience with that occurred in Colorado where some devotees canvased the campus of the

University of Colorado and Naropa Institute to find prospective devotees. They had a small house in

the suburbs of Denver where they had set up a temple. It was quite strange, my first experience with the

ecstatic worship of Krsna. I had my sexual inclinations then and I laid out quite often. My posture was

not what it should be. Devotees deny their experience has anything to do with the awakening of the

Kundalini as far as I know but sitting up straight would appear to allow the Kundalini a path to rise up.

My girl friend, a graduate of the University of Florida in Education, was not so impressed. They did

not appear to want to play parent to kids who were not interested in giving up the sex life. I did not learn

the mantra then or learn that it was known as the mahamantra and was scripturally mentioned in the Vishnu

Purana as the only way to liberation in the age of Kali Yuga. I was much more concerned and I still am with

my material condition. What could they do for me materially, much like we wonder about colleges and

universities. Where will I live while I pursue my degree? How will I get by while I pursue the career that

will support me for the rest of my life?

In Siddha Yoga I often had those thoughts. Why can’t I get a loan and grant to pursue this knowledge? Why

must I burden my mother and her retirement to go see the Master? I suppose should traditions like Siddha

Yoga create schools they would be kind of expensive, just as other private institutions are. No college courses

or degree programs offered by the state university here reflect in any way the existence of Siddha Yoga or

any such science as Self-Realization.

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