This is family. If you tell them you can’t pay you’re auto insurance this month they say, “Oh, brother, you better get that car insurance paid. You can’t drive without it.”

Don’t you feel educated? Don’t you feel helped?

Oh, and they are so simple, they can’t even follow the links on the Internet. Although they have broadband Internet connections they don’t know the first thing about Facebooks, blogs or whatever. They certainly know about security though and how children can be molested on the Net by grown ups and their “dirty” language. I’ll bet they even know how to put more memory in their little laptops and desktop computers. They are always curious about those things when they talk to me.

They also can’t keep up with things.

“I thought your mother took care of you.”

Like could she? Could mom have really made enough money to make me independant for life. You didn’t know and you figured I didn’t know you need a job. You figured, that must be great, your momma taking care of you buying whatever you want. It almost erases the pathological hatred you had for the old man, the miserly bigot who for years offered me and mom practically nothing. I envied his meat eating at one time and ate what he ate. My God, was mom trying to kill him? But he didn’t care. Didn’t care about cholesterol, didn’t care about cancer and didn’t care about me – or mom. You knew that but somehow the white working class reached you on that hippie son of hers. I was all taken care of. How is that even possible?

We never talk about things, never put our heads together. We don’t even live in the same worlds. We definitely are not what we used to be. The fun loving are now very serious about their mortgage, foisted upon them by more family, disagreeable family but family that had to be taken care of, in-laws.

Even the young. They were here for a short while and finally gave up. There was no teacher to endorse me to be a substitute. I was encouraged that I could be a sub with my mere Associates Degree, but there was a need to be endorsed by a working teacher. I’m ont sure even retired teachers count.

I met a teacher today who was at Rep. Cliff Stearns office to present him with a document that outlined some ideas to restore the American Dream. I particularly liked some closing of the tax loopholes that allow American corporations to declare some place outside of the U.S. their home office and therefore avoid paying the full taxes asked of them by the American people, needed by the American people. Bank of America, whom I owe a lot of money, claims the Bahamas as their corporate headquarters. There are corporations that keep their money in Swiss Banks where the tax is a mere 6%.  There must be a copy of that document somewhere. I’ll bet at Move I will look into that. Congressman’s Stearns office is in the building where my step-sister in law works. That word step has really fallen out with people. Seems to have only happened since I moved down here to where my daddy’s “people” are. Would that be daddy’s voters? Daddy’s political allies? I used to like to say step. I used to like to dance. Dancing used to have step. I find it hard to follow steps now. Get rid of the word and maybe we can get rid of the person.

Now America has money woes. And that Congress and its rich protecting republicans are just like turkeys in school who wouldn’t let me go back because of an e-mail argument. I can go back to school. I’m a discipline problem. That’s the community college where they have a program called Workforce Production and where they speak of workforce innovation. What has become of that? Do they allow ex-cons to go to that school? How do they stop them? Am I worse than an ex-con and what really was my crime? I am pretty political and I protested their links to the stock market at their web pages and lack of a link to non mainstream news like Mother Jones. Did that get under their skin. Were they into Wall Street and bounced me because of it? I don’t know. They wouldn’t be exact. Apparently a disagreement with any teacher is reason enough to keep you from learning more in your own field or even choosing other fields to explore. I’m very disappointed in Santa Fe College as I know many are.

And the family, they are happy I’m finally on my own at 58 years of age.

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