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Cauliflower Khichari

Oh, I was so desperate today to find the recipe for Cauliflower Khichari. It is in

Kurma Dasa’s book of Delicious Vegetarian Recipes but I couldn’t find it. Kurma

and I have had a falling out recently since someone at his Facebook page said

meat was murder. It was an example of the extremism of Krsna Bhakti, I thought.

Of course it was in the midst of that meatless Monday that Paul McCartney was

singing about. I can understand some cutting back on meat in America and the West

but I don’t like to think of meat as murder. Human beings aren’t animals, they aren’t

raised to be food. They aren’t cattle as a former child of Krsna devotees described it.

It’s hard to describe how I came to be involved with Krsna devotees and Krsna prasadam.

I wanted to be a vegetarian and I was, as one woman described me before I actually knew

the meaning of the expression, “alone in the world.” After being expelled from all my

friendships in 1978, … oh, well, you must know this story if you’ve read this blog at all.

Well, I really enjoyed the recipes in Kurma Dasa’s book. I learned later that Krsna devotees

do not eat onions or garlic. Onions are a key ingredient in a Siddha Yoga recipe. Had Siddh

Yoga had a book of vegetarian cooking I might have not had any doings with Krsna devotees,

but they only had a follower in a center who knew a recipe that was served on Sundays and

which I had shared with Siddha devotees at the Sunday morning chanting of the Guru Gita.

So, I was looking for this recipe for Khichari made with cauliflower. It can also, I have learned,

be made with other vegetables but I like cauliflower.

So, I remembered copying down the recipe to my computer so many years ago and I thought

maybe I still had that and I did. Unfortunately, I had to remember some of it as it was be-

cause some of the important things were left out. The recipe on my other computer, a Gateway

700S Desktop from I don’t know when, failed to mention the turmeric that is part of the mix

that covers the vegetables or the asefatida that is important to the taste. Luckily I remembered

having been using them to make my chikless chik patties of late. It’s a very nice mixture to fry

your veggie patties in, especially if they are breaded. So, as I recall it was 1 teaspoon of turmeric

and 1 teaspoon of asefatida. I hope that was right. The recipe, cauliflowerkhichari.doc, did

mention 2 tablespoons of chopped ginger which I had remembered as 1 tablespoon and 1 table-

spoon of chopped jalapenas. Unfortunately I didn’t have fresh jalapenas. I had a jar of chopped

jalapena peppers with just about 1 teaspoon of the peppers left. So, I made the recipe, which was

difficult and complicated but I was happy that I found a recipe somewhere. I had had the cauliflower

in my fridge for about 5 days and I was worried that I wouldn’t get to use it. I think the dot doc that

I had also left out the cup of chopped tomatoes.

Here it is in full below;

Take one small cauliflower and bust it up into small flowerets. Rinse it
off and set it aside. Also rinse a cup of rice and 1/3 cup of whole mung beans
(which look like peas)

In a large saucepan, 2 quarts or larger, heat 3 tablespoons of a favorite
oil, canola, safflower, or the famous Indian Ghee.

After it warms, toast 1/3 cup of raw cashews, just let them get a “golden”

Remove the cashews and add 2 teaspoons of cumin seed, and let it toast
until it is golden brown, after that you add 2 tablespoons of freshly chopped
or diced ginger, and if you like it hot you can add 1 tablespoon of hot green
chilis here, sauté for one minute, then add teaspoons each of asafoetida and

Mix it all together to produce a kind of sauce, then you can add the
cauliflower and make sure it gets covered in the mixture.

When everything is mixed up and covered with the sauce add 5 to 6 cups of
water and bring it to a boil. Lower the flame and let it simmer in a partially
covered pot for about 30-40 minutes.

While your pot is simmering on low, put a cup of chopped tomatoes, 2/3 cup
of a can green peas, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of butter of margarine
and some fresh chopped cilantro if you choose, together in a bowl with the
toasted cashews.

When the cauliflower is done (don’t let it get too dry, if so add water)
fold the bowl of cashews, salt, tomatoes, peas, and butter or margarine into
the recipe. Let it warm so the new ingredients are hot, then you may turn off
the stove.

Serve hot.

Whoops! I guess it did include the info about the asefetida and turmeric.

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