Sometimes you look at pictures and they talk to you. No? Gurumayi used to say, “I don’t like books.” This was hard to understand given all the books published by SYDA an organization devoted to Her. Today I realized something in looking over my Krsna books. I am reading a lot about Shiva in the books and they have some beautiful “plates,” or paintings depicting episodes of the book. Reading them kind of sharpens up my senses and makes my mind a bit more keen. I have had difficulty in that respect because the Krsna religion/yoga opposes liberal causes like abortion and, of course demands those 4 austerities of no drugs, alcohol or caffeine, no sex except for procreation, and I’ve forgotten the others. What I have failed to realize is that Gurumayi speaks for herself. She is speaking naturally of those great saints who said God is not in a book, as Rumi’s friend Shams said, but more so on a personal level I see that she is talking about me. I like books and the books of the Krsna Yoga society are very fine. Haven’t you ever liked a Bible? They are so big sometimes and full of special details, paintings, indexes. This is the thing. I am attracted to that fine presentation in these Krsna books. There is no need for me to join the International Society for Krsna Consciousness over this.

I had another great realization this morning but I’ve forgotten it.

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