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I just got a response from a job I applied for as personal assistant. It was interesting.

The employer was a semi professional photographer who is out of the country quite

a bit. It was a part time job, work from home though he said he needed his mail

collected so I’m not sure it’s all at home and he is paying $500 a week. It’s a great

job if you’re up to it. I’m not sure he will want me since I haven’t had a job since 1999

but it gave me some thought about my skills and people’s needs. I am mature, I know

the daily business details of our lives. I would be a great home sitter. I could also sit

kids if I got to know them and liked them.

This is the first response to many applications through Snag a Job, Craigslist and others

that I have had in quite a while. GOD, I need a job. I have to pay phone and electric this

month. I have the rent but those 2 other bills are eluding me.

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