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Self Worth

I seem to have to sell my Siddha Yoga tapes to make the minimal payments, the

bills, this month. Made me feel my true worth. These tapes have meant so much

to me. No one has really given much of a damn about them trying to turn me away

from this path at every turn. Now, selling the tapes I realize it, they don’t care about

me. I am just a worthless slob to them.

I have some other things beside the Siddha Yoga, still of a Yoga relevance. I have

a complete set of Shri Chaitanya-Charitamrita and the Shrimad Bhagavatam. Can’t

find a buyer. I’ve got the 5 volume Classics of India as well. Many back issues of

Back to Godhead. I’ve got Adidam Samraj’s Dawn Horse Testament and many of

his videotapes. I’m actually quite surprised at how sad it makes me to be having to

sell them. They are what’s important to me.

I have many issues of Darshan magazine as well. The inserts that came with them

I have separated form the mags. I should like to put them back in their appropriate

magazines but that will be quite a lot of work so I’m putting it off. It really brings a

tear to my eye that I have to sell all of this.

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