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Stop, stop, you’re hurting me.

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We can lie, we can distort the truth, we can exploit current concerns. When non-violence was an issue, pretending to be victimized by violence was something. Vegetarianism was flourishing, football was bad, rape was any kind of forward move on a woman. If you supported the non-violence movement you called all kinds of things violence, if you didn’t support you defended violence. Pretty simple.
You know, battery is any kind of contact with another individual. Don’t know the law myself but you have heard of assault and battery. Such things don’t matter unless someone “presses charges.” When I was assulated by a personal acquaintance I did not press charges. I got little help from the authorities. There was a small movement to claim I was a victim of violence, unfortunately I squelched that small movement by retaliating with violence. I believed I needed the violence. I felt defenseless in the face of a threat.
What is violence? Is it only this battery thing we have mentioned? Is it just touching someone? What of violence that contains noe physical attribute. Many think the laws against marijuana are violence. I could call the rules that govern our education violent. I missed one too many days of physical education in college and got on academic probation. I couldn’t get off this probation, another violence in my eyes. Maybe not getting any love is violence to young people. They look so forward to having their own places when they leave home for school and yet they don’t find a person to share themselves with, a sexual partner. Maybe not having enough money for a sandwich is violence. No money for cigarettes and gas, cheap, cheap cars, hand me down clothes, life with parents. These could all be violence in some people’s eyes but I think the media is what really defines the violence. We just follow along. Those glossy pics, those long stories in print mean so much to us. Oh, to be a feature in Rolling Stone. Wouldn’t that be something. Of course most of the features in the Stone seem to end in death and someone getting away with something somehow.

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The One and the Two

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Some folk inspire the old days. They are like movie producers/directors trying to

recreate the 50’s or 60’s, maybe even the 40’s in some cases. Sure, movie makers

try to recreate many different eras. Why? Well, it’s in the script, it’s part of the

project. I must admit a partiality to the 70’s, to hippie communes and Indian

philosophy but others prefer something else. Something at war with those days

and things. In this regard I thought of the old One and Two today. One, the Shaivites

who believe there is only one soul which appears as this universe. It is the cause

as well as the effect of the universe. Two, the Vaishnavas, who believe the inner

self, Krsna, is the creator of the universe and we, the devotee or miscreants are the

effect.  My late uncle, a veteran of WWII, used to minimize our bathroom necessities

by calling them the 1 and the 2. One for urinating and Two for defecating. Such large

words weren’t my Brooklyn uncle’s thing so it was really One for piss and Two for


I am often distracted while chanting my chants. There is a story of demons destroying

sacrifices in the Shrimad Bhagavatam. It is early on in the scripture. It makes Shiva

quite unhappy. This disturbing of my sacrifice of words, my chanting, reminds me of

that. That’s besides the point, really. I had to wander off into this philosophical “shit’

while I was singing the Hymn to Mahalakshmi. It reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield,

no respect, The Hymn to Mahalakshmi don’t get no respect. The arguments rule. They

reign supreme.

Convincing Epiphanies

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My best friend went born again after Jimmy Carter in the 70’s. That stuff was so big.

He still smoked dope. I believe he drank beer, too, but he believed in Jesus Christ, the

Lord and  he told me so. I had other beliefs. Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. But my friend

didn’t like that stuff. He was a working man, you see. They eat meat, get shaves and

hair cuts. Being born again just seemed to fit right in. “Jesus” would lead him aright.

He graduated college, go a B.A. in journalism. Later, he moved away, to Tallahassee

where he would never see me.

So, the precedent being set,  in 1978 , I think it was, I went into a church and took a

baptism. It was meant for an old friend’s newborn but it being such a relaxed time I

didn’t think anyone would care if I took a baptism there. And so I was born again.

Really something, huh? Like I still believed in all the occult crap that I was reading.

A.A. Bailey books were still my thrill. Somehow the church didn’t think so. I started

out to Bible study classes but when I saw the low regard for these Buddhist/Occult

books, I stopped.

It was a United Methodist Church in Melrose, FL. I was attracted to the minister. Not

sexually I’ll have you but as a fellow. He appeared to be of liberal politics and northern

background. His hair was black and his name was White. He had a lovely, attractive

wife whom I think was pregnant with what would be twins who would  be named Lesley

and Wesley. I don’t remember if they were boy and girl. Those types of twins are had but

no one would have thought that relevant to me. Nobody cared about where I grew up,

my history or that I remembered it. Isn’t that somehting? Nobody cares if you remember

David and Debbie Savage, a pair of twins that were unidentical and not of the same sex

that I went to school with in the early 1960’s. Is it to someone’s political advantage that

persons forget all about that?

So, I was “reborn in the spirit” or so they say. I was very involved in thoughts of “the spirit.”

It was said to be Shiva in A.A. Bailey’s books. Vishnu was the Son and Brahma, papa, the

Father in Heaven. Communes were popular in those days and there was mystic quality to

communes and the vegetarian/organic food being grown and sold and shared. I had some

of what I called mystical experiences. I saw things but less not get into those things now.

The appearances of these great and wondrous things disappeared as fast as they had appeared

and nobody gave a damn about them, it was your money that was all that mattered. Could you

buy dope? Could you rent a place? Could you stand on your own two feet financially?

So, being born again was really a ruse for me. I was no more born again than was I self-realized.

My memories of those days are kind of fuzzy. I don’t remember what came first and who did

what. I remember a long slow 1979.

I guess this is boring you but I just wanted to get at true religious devotion or even philosophy.

There is a lot of import in this all religions being one thing. I think it is a valuable message and

I hate having the concept of the holy spirit separated from Shakti and Shiva. I hate the separating

Jesus from Krishna. Both of them are great loving persons who should be appreciated as messengers

from Heaven.


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I used to play chess against my 9 years older brother when he came home from the United States Air Force on “leave.” He beat me always. Regular beatings. I played a little in high school against classmates, friends and what all. I seldom won. Now I play against a computer program in Windows 7. I lose so much I think they should change the name of the game from chess to ASS!
Want to play some ass. You are one if you do.

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Our University Standards

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As well as a path to serve the needs of our nation, college graduation is a path to personal wealth and security.

Keeping it difficult does not necessary give us more accomplished progessionals as it does exclude

potential geniuses in their fields and keep working class students from achieving aims that would advance

their financial security.

Talk to Your Player

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Do you talk to your players on your favorite team? Do you really think they hear you?

How stupid are you? I used to talk to Jeter. I encouraged him to hit a ball into the upper deck. I was being sarcastic as he is not build very large. It was a joke but he has hit a lot of home runs. Not this year, not last year, but he used to be “a homerun threat” as they say.

Bryan in front of the Set

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Old Page

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Haven’t been able to be able to put a webpage up since I moved to AT&T area. My page looked something like this. I thought I could transfer it straight across but I had to piece it together.

Mom, 7/22/1917 – 1/12/2007

Page 2 (my mom at the fitness center with some of her friends

there and a saying that was on the kitchen wall)

Page 3 (a picture of my backyard that I took a few years ago)

Page 4 (my resume)

Page 5 (some pictures and links to spiritual adepts that I like)

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