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Electronic Age

Are you tired of my moaning and whining? Well, here’s some more. This electronic

age with all the ads to work from home and work with computers is really a put off. I have a computer education. A Certificate in Business Data Processing taught me many things about the inner workings of the computer as well as many varieties of software and how to used them, but I am confused. No job in all these years? I got a little political when I was at school and I think that was my downfall. I ran into a kind of Joe Lieberman at the school and he was very connected. I’m considered a discipline problem now and can’t go back to pursue a possible A.S. Most of those degree programs require the courses I passed in getting my certificate.  So, I’m half the way there on an A.S. in Graphic Design or Networking or Programming which was my original plan in returning to school.

And I need the kind of loans and grants that only accredited schools can offer. I need living expenses. I need a job, but Joe has managed to stop me. There might have been religious prejudice too. I associate myself with many alternative religions – yogas and revelations. But, I try not to think about that.

What upsets me about the electronic age and actually the world before it is our not talking to each other, not being friends or friendly. Hard to catch a ride with your thumb. No ride clearing boards. No car pooling. No drive to work. No visiting people at their homes and apartments. No fun. Very little fun. Is it not therapeutic anymore? And the ignorance. Don’t they see the conditioning created? We are learning to expect what we shouldn’t expect. We should expect better.

I mentioned what I thought was an old book to a teacher at school when I was earning my certificate, The Aquarian Conspiracy. The say we are now in the age of the Goat, not the Water Carrier anymore but the concept is still good. It’s like White Magic. Black Magic being bad, evil magic and white being good. This has nothing to do with race. White Magic was first taught to me in the 70’s through a book called Treatise on White Magic by A.A. Bailey. But, put that aside. The real message of the Aquarian Conspiracy was this Paradigm Shift. It’s a different way of looking at things. I think of the Dylan song, Gotta Change My Way of Thinking. In the Lessons I take but I may have to quit because I need money and at the blog, Living in the Truth of the Present Moment, this idea is also presented. The mind creates the world it says in Yoga Vashishtha therefore take care with the mind. If something must be in the mind, let it be good, noble divine things not negative, ugly and violent things.

I must look again at this idea of a Paradigm Shift. I’m not sure how my paradigm should shift.

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