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I really went on a spree with the About Me at Match.com. I won’t be signing up

there, I have no money, but I have the free profile. The title of this post is my handle.

Here’s what I wrote.

I once wanted to follow Krsna. I loved Tibetan Buddhism in spite of a great local interest in Tao.
Liked to read about Jesus and I have a number of books that speak to him. This has been my whole thing. Unfortunately other things suffered, work, school, family and friends I suppose. I lived with my parents until they died. Dad died in ’92, mom in ’07.
I was close to mom. Dad and I had a rivalry relationship. I couldn’t do anything good to him, he couldn’t do anything good to me. It started young and went on forever.
I liked the Rock and Roll. I took drugs.
Now I watch baseball, football. I like the N.Y. teams because I was born and raised there, but I can be influenced to like the local. Liked the Florida basketball team and the football team. Kind of bad habits since I’ve been unemployed for like, ever. Just started a job though, and I hope it will work out. I’m a serious student of the truth. I am reading lessons and a blog called Living in the Truth of the Present Moment. I have also been sexually experimental. It really doesn’t matter if you’re dead broke as I have been, or unwanted, which describes me too.
I have slept with women. I was 17 when I lost my virginity and I was 21 when I slept with a man. It wasn’t really as good but the fantasy is something and I like to learn. I guess the source was David Bowie. Have you seen “But, I’m a Cheerleader” about a girl they deem gay and try to reform only for her own love of women to flourish. I like movies like that.
I am from N.Y. originally, the L.I. area. I lived there for 17 years, almost. My parents were divorcees who met each other at work. They worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad. I am one of 4 children my mother had, 2 by her first husband and 2 buy her second. I was very fond of my step-siblings, a sister and brother. They were catholic and that gave me a unique perspective on that religion. I was protestant, I guess. Methodist. I was never confirmed but I visited the church after I was suspended from the University of Florida for underachieving. I had a 1.2 GPA there.
I went back to school in the late 90’s to stud computer programming. I found it tough though and ended up with a one year Certificate in Business Data Processing. I’ve never been a big fan of business though it does have its plusses. It’s how we make a living and all and it could be fun with the right people and at the right time. In my day there was much talk about doing what you love. That’s a good idea because as you think so shall it be. That’s the Yoga Vasishtha I think.
My step-sister married a National Guardsman and had 3 kids, 2 girls and 1 boy. My step-brother was handicapped. He dropped out of high school and worked at the “nut house” that was a big source of income in my old hometown. My other brother joined the U.S. Air Foce in 1962 when he was 18. He married and had 3 boys. My step-brother married but never had children.
I had a wonderful uncle who passed away recently, or graduated as a book of mine calls it. He was a Polish Catholic man. He smoked cigars and drank and lived to be 92. Amazing, huh? My father died at 81 and my mom “graduated” at 89.
I had a philosophy teacher in community college who was interested in death. He told me something about a fear of death. I got the idea it was some kind of universal truth. I think it is the mind and the ego that says there is a death or a life or anything at all. They say there is this individual called us. There is really nothing but consciousness and bliss.

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