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New Comment at Mother Jones on Barbara Ehrenreich’s article.

I wrote this comment in response to an article by Barbara Ehrenreich at Mother Jones dot Com.
When I bought the book I was living off my mom who collected a $1300 a month after the death of her husband. I couldn’t find work. Seemed to be the hippie thing, and outspoken liberalism. Long hair and willingness to state the case for gays, women and blacks, a bad smoking habit and a place to lay my head and eat made it easy to turn my applications down. The hell with qualifications. I see that now. I had made enemies and they deserve their due. Work was a cross to them and I surely didn’t know the meaning of the cross nor, as the old men said, the value of a dollar.
Now mom has died, I’m on my own and everything she left me is gone. Still unemployed and begging family members who give me the poor mouth, an expression I finally learned meant bullshitting people about how much money you have. My father excelled at it. A girl I know read the book too and loved it, back in 2004. She was my mom’s housekeeper. She had a little girl and she didn’t finish high school. She is currently still doing houses but she does a little Ebay, too, and she’s helping me get by on that. God bless her.
So, all my cards are maxed out, I owe over $34,000.00 on them and I am with someone on the Net who says I can make $1400 a month making checks. It’s a work at home job that Craigslist tells me to look out for but I hope is on the up and up. I do have to buy the blank checks I will be filling out for them and that is currently my close call. Selling me spiritual tapes, the talks and songs of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, the leader of the Siddha Yoga movement, has helped me get my electric bill paid this month. It’s just the waiting for the money to get out of PayPal and into my credit union. I have a phone/internet bill too to pay. AT&T stuck me with a phone that has caller ID, call waiting, and call who knows what but I just don’t have the pinache to call them and have it made just the internet. Having sole momma’s house back in 2009 I got myself a big HD TV. I’m afraid I will have to sell that and do away with the satellite subscription I’ve had since 1996. Mom helped me get that, too. She died of a stroke in 2007 at 89. I feel I didn’t do enough then and was surrounded by people of a traditionally opposite political and cultural point of view when mom was struck down. It pains me to think that if I had had the friends I had in college mom might still be alive today. But money, too was the reason they disappeared. Careers, children, marriages and not needing the added burden I added put an end to them. I’ve been alone in the world since 1978. Alone and poor.
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