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Convincing Epiphanies

My best friend went born again after Jimmy Carter in the 70’s. That stuff was so big.

He still smoked dope. I believe he drank beer, too, but he believed in Jesus Christ, the

Lord and  he told me so. I had other beliefs. Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. But my friend

didn’t like that stuff. He was a working man, you see. They eat meat, get shaves and

hair cuts. Being born again just seemed to fit right in. “Jesus” would lead him aright.

He graduated college, go a B.A. in journalism. Later, he moved away, to Tallahassee

where he would never see me.

So, the precedent being set,  in 1978 , I think it was, I went into a church and took a

baptism. It was meant for an old friend’s newborn but it being such a relaxed time I

didn’t think anyone would care if I took a baptism there. And so I was born again.

Really something, huh? Like I still believed in all the occult crap that I was reading.

A.A. Bailey books were still my thrill. Somehow the church didn’t think so. I started

out to Bible study classes but when I saw the low regard for these Buddhist/Occult

books, I stopped.

It was a United Methodist Church in Melrose, FL. I was attracted to the minister. Not

sexually I’ll have you but as a fellow. He appeared to be of liberal politics and northern

background. His hair was black and his name was White. He had a lovely, attractive

wife whom I think was pregnant with what would be twins who would  be named Lesley

and Wesley. I don’t remember if they were boy and girl. Those types of twins are had but

no one would have thought that relevant to me. Nobody cared about where I grew up,

my history or that I remembered it. Isn’t that somehting? Nobody cares if you remember

David and Debbie Savage, a pair of twins that were unidentical and not of the same sex

that I went to school with in the early 1960’s. Is it to someone’s political advantage that

persons forget all about that?

So, I was “reborn in the spirit” or so they say. I was very involved in thoughts of “the spirit.”

It was said to be Shiva in A.A. Bailey’s books. Vishnu was the Son and Brahma, papa, the

Father in Heaven. Communes were popular in those days and there was mystic quality to

communes and the vegetarian/organic food being grown and sold and shared. I had some

of what I called mystical experiences. I saw things but less not get into those things now.

The appearances of these great and wondrous things disappeared as fast as they had appeared

and nobody gave a damn about them, it was your money that was all that mattered. Could you

buy dope? Could you rent a place? Could you stand on your own two feet financially?

So, being born again was really a ruse for me. I was no more born again than was I self-realized.

My memories of those days are kind of fuzzy. I don’t remember what came first and who did

what. I remember a long slow 1979.

I guess this is boring you but I just wanted to get at true religious devotion or even philosophy.

There is a lot of import in this all religions being one thing. I think it is a valuable message and

I hate having the concept of the holy spirit separated from Shakti and Shiva. I hate the separating

Jesus from Krishna. Both of them are great loving persons who should be appreciated as messengers

from Heaven.

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