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Stop, stop, you’re hurting me.

We can lie, we can distort the truth, we can exploit current concerns. When non-violence was an issue, pretending to be victimized by violence was something. Vegetarianism was flourishing, football was bad, rape was any kind of forward move on a woman. If you supported the non-violence movement you called all kinds of things violence, if you didn’t support you defended violence. Pretty simple.
You know, battery is any kind of contact with another individual. Don’t know the law myself but you have heard of assault and battery. Such things don’t matter unless someone “presses charges.” When I was assulated by a personal acquaintance I did not press charges. I got little help from the authorities. There was a small movement to claim I was a victim of violence, unfortunately I squelched that small movement by retaliating with violence. I believed I needed the violence. I felt defenseless in the face of a threat.
What is violence? Is it only this battery thing we have mentioned? Is it just touching someone? What of violence that contains noe physical attribute. Many think the laws against marijuana are violence. I could call the rules that govern our education violent. I missed one too many days of physical education in college and got on academic probation. I couldn’t get off this probation, another violence in my eyes. Maybe not getting any love is violence to young people. They look so forward to having their own places when they leave home for school and yet they don’t find a person to share themselves with, a sexual partner. Maybe not having enough money for a sandwich is violence. No money for cigarettes and gas, cheap, cheap cars, hand me down clothes, life with parents. These could all be violence in some people’s eyes but I think the media is what really defines the violence. We just follow along. Those glossy pics, those long stories in print mean so much to us. Oh, to be a feature in Rolling Stone. Wouldn’t that be something. Of course most of the features in the Stone seem to end in death and someone getting away with something somehow.

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