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For Ram …

Vandita, I have trouble with this staying in the moment.
When I started the course it was important to me.

Well, you bring all your spiritual learning together for
this. This morning I chanted something called Shri Guru Gita with some others.
I am now reading the words of this great work. I am in desperate straits and
this work has a lot to say about the divine greatness of its own recitation. I
am a born skeptic. I think, if anything, it has been my politics that has given
me this innocent belief in things that too the outside world are totally
impossible. I don’t know why Vietnam didn’t end in a bloodbath of the South,
but I was on the side of those who said it would not, though they were not in
favor at the time.

This Swami that I follow is of a tradition that first came
to my attention when it met a young America politician from California. I had
never heard of it before then, so when I read things about thinking of a yellow
seat will bring affluence, I’m a little lost.

I had a statue I was trying to peddle to my friend chanters.
It was of the Hindu God of Success. They were getting ready for a big event in
the works and so couldn’t afford the beautiful thing. I was sellng cheap, too,
but the price never came up. A young woman, looking marvelous since the first
time I met her, appeared to be leading a meeting there on the upcoming event.
She was very nice and sincere in expressing her regrets. Knowing this girl I am
sure she knew what it was to not be able to make the rent.

Ram spoke of poverty consciousness and affluence
consciousness in his post. I lived among catholic people in the north and
became aware of this fellow named Francis. Not sure how he spelled his name and
I’m not sure if it is from him that Robert Francis Kennedy drew his name, but
he is now known as the patron saint of the poor in catholicism. There is a
homeless shelter near that bears his name, the St. Francis House. I don’t know
how many beds they put up. I believe they are mostly a kitchen, but all that is
quite controversial, taxes, neighborhoods and all of that are the problem.
Although I love being out in the streets and in the weather I would hate to be
homeless. The authorities are always trying to get a fix on them. There is also
an issue of a Veterans Homeless shelter in another area, nearby. There are
issues there, too. They would give them a former motel near an interstate, but
some business owners protest and others say it isn’t up to standards because it
only provides a dweller a microwave for cooking. These are veterans of the
armed services. I always get upset because I think they are preferred over
myself for work and on test for civil servants positions. I never served.
Still, if you can keep them out of the rain, the cold and the sun, isn’t that
quite something?

We have our concepts, too, about who these homeless veterans
are, too, black, white, old, young, male, female.

The place I went to chant was called an Industrial Park. I
had to laugh when I saw in this great text mention of dust. I had thought of
the ugliness of dust on the way over there, the ugliness of in-dust-ry. I have
heard of the dust of Guru’s feet before and of the glances. I really don’t know
much about that, even after all these years, since the 70’s. I think at the
root of all that is my faith, believing, the greater thing would be for it to
be beyond my believing, for it be just real. That that was the truth just as
surely as gold is gold, and diamonds are diamonds. Everywhere I have read
though it has said it is our belief that makes it real. In a sense all this
about the mind, ego and intellect confirms that but am I believing in samsara,
because that is what’s real to me. The three letters sam came up a few times
this morning. I had to use a Sam’s Club card, I knew to get a prescription I
had neglected for my diabetes. The card was no good but the young woman at the
prescription center was named Sam, too. She gave me $0.86 to fill my
prescription. The syllable sam was in the great text I chanted, too. I chanted
and worried. Worry is a habit. I have heard there are some things we can do to
avoid that habit, one of them being to chant a text like the one I chanted
every morning when we get up.

When I think of the moment, this moment, I think of an
expansion. Sometimes I experience this expansion when try to bring my mind to
the point between the future and the past. I will think of that past and I will
think of that future but neither of them are real, Vasishtha, Ram, say. I have
heard that the future never comes and the past is gone and I have been debating
them in my  mind. My step-brother whom I
glorified in my youth is studying the Bible now and he bounces this things that
I have said to him, back to me. What is that “they say?” he asks, as
if it was a coloquial saying that the Siddhas have been teaching me. I have
only today come to calling it the Siddhas. I would say a particular Swami

All of this writing is only the mind anyway. A fellow named
Gillette told me that. I never finished a course that he prepared, it was a
tough year, but I’m sure he’s right about that. Isn’t everything of the mind?
But this writing is one skill I’ve developed. One I hope can serve and better
myself and others. That’s something from Shri Guru Gita, to use the powers
accruing from its recitation for the good of mankind and the welfare of all. If
we all could be well and taken care of, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Isn’t that
something to live for as well as for the glory of God? A man name Adidam Samraj
said that is why we lived and why we should live, for the Glory of God. Okay,
that’s enough.

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