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The Happy Idiot

I’m tired of being the happy idiot despite what the yogi/yogini says.

I have no work and haven’t had work in over a decade. Before that

part time job it was another 20 years and I was fired from that job.

Why should I be happy? I should be very sad, mad and grumpy. I

shouldn’t be easy to get along with. I should be a pain in the ass.

Why am I not? Because of the Siddha. She preaches happiness and

joy despite all outward conditions. It makes me sick. People hate

happy people as she herself said in a videotape. 

“Are you one of those people who hate happy people? Do you see

people having a good time and say ‘what are they so happy about?'”

She has the support of scriptures that say the mind creates the

world. The more the mind is unhappy, the more unhappiness it

creates. Is that true? WHO THE HELL KNOWS?!!!

All I know is I can’t stand being in debt and being unloved. Nobody

else follows this cock sucking shit, why the hell should I? They want

to take me away, let them, just don’t cheat me and then lie about it.

Don’t pretend your a friend and say sorry Charly.

I’m not going to BE happy anymore. I’m going to be mad and

disappointed the way the pool hall clowns want me to be. It’s true,

I have nothing to be happy about.



Not Happy No More


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