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A Comment I meant for Salon article.

Oh, what weather we are having down here in Florida, Kim. The scents bring me back to the days when we visited here with my father. Is it magnolias. Something so beautiful and the temperature is perfect now though a bit chilly at night. We miss these things being on the Net it’s true but I would rather not blame the Net for our not experiencing these things. Before the Net, BN, let’s call it, nobody was talking to each other. In fact there is still a lot of that cold shoulder about. You may call that unfriending if you like. People don’t talk to one another, whereas southern people we know as relatives who may be blue dog democrats or whatever can be warm and loving people we don’t general put names on people who are unkind to us. That’s an inherent human experience. I just can’t remember having any political opinions when I was 5. I didn’t know what political opinions those ugly old people in Penn Station had when mom took me there sometimes. Ugliness is part of this world Kim and Facebook and/or the Internet are just a new device for our communicating with each other.
Unfriending didn’t start with Facebook. I once blocked my own older brother from sending me e-mails. He was so conservative and very difficult to talk to. He found a way at a keyboard to express himself, to be the top dog, to be ugly to me, his little brother who was liberal and opposed to wars and desegregation, who liked rock and roll not Vic Damone.
I have unfriended people on Facebook, too. Once I unfriended my best friend from my old hometown because he said he leaned right in his profile. He also said I spoke, meaning, wrote, too much. I studied to be a writer. He didn’t care I suppose. He was only there I believe because he heard my mother died. He wasn’t concerned with knowing me or seeing me again or anything like that. I am unemployed and many of my Net acquaintances run because they are afraid to be asked for money. That’s a good one, isn’t it. Mostly a family thing.
I did get into a room once that a friend had joined. It was a page, a political page and they had hid very well how right wing it was and once I was on it, boy, I was shot up. It got me so angry. I understand that and I was even proud of myself for standing up to them as long as I could, I am experienced with these discussions from political discussion boards from years and years ago. Mother Jones Live Wire was my first. It closed down under heavy criticism. So I was experienced with how angry you can get with your opponents, opponents to your views. On Live Wire I was compared to Jim Jones and David Koresh for speaking of yoga. I didn’t have a cute nickname or anything and the put my name in their posts. They said I had a space ship, like

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