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I receieved a letter from the White House on their position on legalization of marijuana. I didn’t like it.  I am also reading a lesson of D.R. Butler’s where he speaks to the question of euphoria. Is euphoria good or is it just the other side of dysphoria? Yes, it is the other side, he says. Neither is good. He is talking about a true spiritual path here. Most people have no idea what a true spiritual path is. He mentions platitudes I have almost forgotten they are so old, like we are one, and God is love and everything is consciousness. They don’t appear to be complete thoughts to me. He is talking about living it – or living by it if you don’t like that expression. That’s me though, not EXACT BUTLER, if you would.

An aside, my step-brother, Billy, used to sell a maching called the Kirby that had a device called the Handy Butler. I assume he knows a lot of good Butler jokes but he hasn’t shared them in his lessons, yet, Mr. D.R. I know what the D stands for but not the R. I can only think of Dr. when I see the two letters next to each other.

One of D.R.’s friends speaks of no right and wrong, and quotes D.R. Butler on those things. An amoral stance like that makes the pieces fit in what interactions I have had with the teacher. I say teacher here in that he is that and there were many in Siddha Yoga but I hope you will not take it to mean he is a Siddha or a Sadguru. He isn’t that to me.

D.R. speaks of pain he has had all his life. There was a Buddhist teacher in Boulder, Colorado. I think he was Chogyam Rimpoche and he started a school out there called Naropa. He used to have a drink regularly at his lectures. It was for pain he said. What a great pain killer marijuana could be, but it is illegal, even to cancer patients who find it helps them endure the terrible chemotherapy conventionally used on them.

I was reading Satsang with Baba the other night, unable to sleep and full of worries as usual. He addressed the resurection of Christ and said he must have risen in a subtle, spiritual form. The Urantia Book says he rose in what they called a Morontia form, another name, I will give you for the same thing. I also watched “Let Chanting Change Your Life,” a video from SYDA. Something about Baba is very stern and demanding, I noticed as I watched this video and as I read his answers to questioners in satsang. I rebelled against it. I have found Adidam also has this demanding style. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen type of quality. I didn’t like it. It seems to be their opinion that if’ you are in a difficult positon it’s your own fault, it’s your karma from past lives. So be it. The Urantia Book doesn’t agree with that view. It doesn’t support the creed of reincarnation. I had read you could go on being whatever you are in so far as your religion or your work and still practice this yoga, but don’t beliefs collide? The Urantia Book says the planet is ignorant and I figure Mr. Butler would be quick to agree there, but he has never read UB. He told me that in 1992 and it holds to this day. He’s not the type of guy who reads the books you’ve read and offers comments. You remember guys like that? I think it was in the 70’s last time I knew a guy like that or a girl.

And so that concludes our post for today, October 31, 2011. Happy Halloween.




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