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Feel like the w…

Feel like the woman who is raped and people saying she had it coming to her. My rent is overdue as is my electric, phone and internet. I may get by without phone and net but the electric would be a son of a bitch of a thing.
I’ve been begging all over the place.
I used to hear when I came here from N.Y. that the negro didn’t wanna work. That is now addressed to me. This not being able to pay my rent is just about making me cry. That is often the goal in the little fistfights boys get into. In many cases of rape crying is what that son of a bitch is looking for, too. He wants to make that woman cry.
My mind is reminding me of The Defenders, the episode where a man is beaten while a whole apartment building looks on and none are willing to come forth as witnesses. I’ve heard so many good pals say they wouldn’t, and declare that’s jsut the way the world is.
A doctor I used to visit, Dr. Yazgut, once asked “how do we talk?” He was not having any trouble communicating with me and I have often wondered what he meant by this. He was asking me to think about the way I was spoken to. There is non-verbal language, something so many are trying to deny these days and there are statements made by the political process and institutions and media and so forth. You hear what they say and you come to believe it about yourself. The teachers try to tell you it isn’t so.

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