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Read it ALL?

Just posted at Facebook the idea that love is for sale. No really love is being hoarded. YOU can’t buy love even if you would. I couldn’t certainly, I haven’t got a dime. Surely my sin has been trying to with money. That’s what lovers will tell me.
There are only 484 posts to this blog. I remember coming here from Yahoo! where I had many posts on the passing of my mom, pictures, too. I really liked the Yahoo! blog but it was closed down and it is supposed to be archived here at WordPress. Honesly, I never go so far in all this complicated cyber crap to look and see if my Yahoo! blog posts are still there and accessible. I had another blog at Pitas but it required a lot of html work and I kind of gave up on it.
It’s all like the message in a bottle floating on the sea saying I am stranded on a desert island. Good God, I hope my bhav doesn’t bring that back to me.

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