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This homeless thing is kind of boon to some of us. Many of the young think they can live on nothing. They are stoned and rockin’ and rolln’ and have sexual affairs and they are not really in tune with the reality. They require some compassion. I was there and I ended up without a job, without a social life, living with my mom and dad who did not have a wonderful marriage, were not deeply in love with each other but stayed together out of convenience. It was not gay to live there and I mean gay in the sense of joyful and easy. It was tough, if you want to know, without work, without school, without the buddies, as mom used to call them, a slightly demeaning term for the people in my life of the same or similar age, partaking of the same or similar life.
Try it yourself some time. Call someone Buddy!
But in those days there were no great masses of homeless people as we know it today. People traveled, there were people known as transients and a lot of young people traveling on the strength of their thumb fell into that category but it was no national issue like it is now. So, now, kids know that they need work, that is if they are not too stoned, too exxed or too oversexed to realize it. I guess that was me. Certainly there was no one who would keep me from work. Keep me from a Paycheck. No, no one.

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