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The difference …

The difference between this place and Facebook is you get to keep your posts. What ever happens to all those things we say on Facebook? The links, the deep thoughts?
Oh, well, it’s gone. It is interesting to see the old things we said here on WordPress. I saw a post I wrote right after my mom’s passing in 2007. I seemed to be more interested in a photo I found than in mom’s dying. Well, I was pretty alone back then. No rush of relatives for me. Old folks are expected to die it seems. Oh, finally they are dead and we can go to the funeral. Isn’t that it? Or is that a good time to write, after someone dies? Share a nice thought.
I let them spend all their money on flowers. They wanted a noble cause to give it to like the ASPCA. Nah, I wanted flowers. I didn’t know how expensive flowers were actually. I was the big know it all. I deserved it, whatever I got.
I’m like that chick showing it all downtown on Saturday and gets raped. Deserved it.

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