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A Post on Ram’s Facebook Page where he speaks of Gratitude, 11/12/2011

Eddie Bryan Gratitude. I am watching a tape I made of an videoseries I subscribed to. The experience of this tape is something to be grateful for. I have also had an experience with Tara that is very nice. I was able to give my landlord $100, 1/5 of the rent. I am getting my van running again, just need a funnel for gas. I have lost a lot of weight which is good since my doctors have wanted me to lose weight for many years now. I pray, someoone will send me money. Just drop it off in my mail box or under the door. Is that silly? Unrealistic? An old friend I called and he gave me the $100. He has Parkinsons. He is a natural living authority and has written a book, http://www.crawfordsolomon.com. Hope you don’t take that to be advertising. He is a fine fellow whom I have known since the 70’s though we have gone are separate paths. I am grateful for having all the things I have, pictures of Gurus, statues, books enlightening me on who I really am, what is really going on. I am grateful for tolerance for my path, nobody is trying to hang me because I meditate and chant or believe in such things. The friend giving me money was so astonishing. But … you know, but…§ that’s the end of my comment at Ram’s page. I will go further now.

I am grateful for more than that. I am grateful for the ride home from Gainesville, 34 miles away by a long white haired Marine Veteran of Vietnam War. He told me how he fought with his dad. “We got along about as well as oil and water” is what he said to me. I was talking about not being able to get my brother to give me money for the rent, electric and so forth. It’s like he doesn’t think I can get a job and he’s willing to see me go to hell with that, become homeless. This fellow, named Barry, with long white hair, smoking a cigarette, a menthol, picked me up in one of those new pick up trucks or was it like r soemthing. It was so late when he stopped. I was afraid I was not going to get a ride. It is so rare for one to hitchhike these days. It seemed to me in Gainesville a lot was done to prevent hitchhiking. They have double laned a lot of roads that were single laned with big parking areas near the curb leaving little room to get out and put your thumb out there. I walked while I was in Gainesville. I got a ride into 43rd st. and 39th ave. I got out and walked north to the Campus CU, Campus USA is the common term for it. I had to walk from there to the Oaks Mall. I suppose only local readers will know of any of these places. I was repeating my mantra all the way. I had some food stamps to get a libation here and there. I bought some Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng at Walgreens on 43rd. Did you know Food Stamps won’t pay for the sports drinks that have become popular. The tea was good. I was carrying a laptop with me. My Dell Inspiron 1420. It was great to be out on the road. There is a great spirit out there but don’t get me wrong, it is demanding on a 58 year old, diabetic who is slightly overweight at 220 lbs. I  had to hitch though since my van was not operable at the time and I had a $100 check I needed to cash, made out only to Eddie. There was a $5 fee to cash the check unless we had a debit card with Campus and I did, so I was able to get cash from the ATM outside. I worried about carrying cash but went with the flow. With the price of things these days, $100.00 isn’t really so much though a great gift from a friend. Friends are not so much required to help you out as like family is. It is this truth that leaves me dumbfounded when family tell me “sorry Charlie,” or “no way Jose.” No way Jose is something I have heard Gurumayi say. She used it in reference to the ego, I think. It’s hard to recall. I’m watching her now. She is speaking of the Buddhi, the higher mind, the greater intellect

What a day last Friday was. That’s when I took to the road. I am still very greatful for getting back home with the money and with my newly repaired glasses. That was another event. I had to go from the Millhopper area to the Oaks Mall. WHAT A WALK. No I didn’t hitch, like I said, Gainesville has done quite a lot to keep you from hitching and use the public transportation. I hadn’t any money at all and had never prepared to be a bus rider. I will be looking into that now. I think there are passes for buses available to the poorer citizens. I think students too get a lower priced bus pass. I will look into it.

Thank you very much for reading.

Crawford Solomon – Heaven On Earth

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