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On Your Own

On Your Own. Those words meant so much to me once. Now they are some tomfoolery, an excuse to not help you in a time of need. When my mom died in 2007 an older brother said, “this is really your first time on your own, isn’t it?” Yes, I agreed it was. But now that all of mom’s money has run out I am learning another side of on your own. It means your debts are your own, your bills are your own, your sadness is your own.

On your own. In the minds of many teenagers that means when you get to meet your girlfriend or boyfriend privately and not have to say hello to mom and dad. It meant you could drink and do whatever you wanted. Of course teenagers don’t think much about working. On your own means getting a job yourself and paying the rent yourself and staying at home because you have no money yourself.

I suppose it is something young adults look forward to. That day when they graduate from the University and go looking for work in their field of study. Well, what happens when they can’t find that work. Well, “they are on their own.” Being on your own is in many ways like looking after your  own good health, taking vitamins and watching the calories. If you are fired from work or something you need prescriptions to get your life back together again, get you healthy.

I’m on my own. I was with my parents once and it was not so bad but when my mom died I could see I would have to manage the money. It was a kind of fun thing to do but I didn’t have lots of friends nor was I married. It got too busy for me. It’s good to have friend around who will tell you, “this is too much,” or “you ought to try that.” It’s great to have a friend or a wife give you a pat on the back when you’ve done something good. It’s good to put your heads together. Some people seem to think being on your own is being alone. That’s the worst kind of being on your own. You want to be on your own with your peers and your contemporaries, not by yourself.

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