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The Ego Hates to Admit it is Wrong

Okay, I admit it, I was wrong. About what? I don’t know. Would it be getting

all David Bowie in the 70’s. Or was it Allen Ginnsberg? David said he was bi

but everyone called him gay, like Allen. Allen had no trouble with it. He was

gay and proud of it. Saw Allen speak in Gainesville a couple of times and I

almost took a class with him in Boulder, CO. What did I know about financial

aid? I would have needed it to go to Naropa Institute and take Allen’s class.

So, that was wrong. I shouldn’t have been there. I should have been washing

dishes, doing the hard work to support myself. Better yet, I should have been

in the armed services. That’s what  my dad did. He was in the American Cavalry.

Sometimes he used to claim he had been in the Civil War. He served one year

in the Cavalry and then started to work for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a car

washer. He worked himself up to yard foreman eventually. He worked at the

same yard for 40 years, retired in 1969. So, he got himself a job just before the

Great Depression hit. I guess he was lucky to hang on to it through the 30’s and

the War. It was during the War that he met my mom, a divorcee with 2 children.

Dad always claimed he only got as far as the 8th grade in school. The Governor

of Florida says his dad only got through the 6th grade and look at him, a multi-


So, the ego can’t admit it was wrong. I would like to get rid of the ego. They call

that liberation. They say it is a supremely blissful experience. So, where am I

wrong? So long as I think I am right about things, clearly I have the ego, don’t

I? So, where am I wrong? Everywhere I turn to say I am wrong someone seizes

up on the thing and scream YES! YES! YOU WERE WRONG! STUPID YOU!



I don’t particularly appreciate that. You know?



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