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This Won’t Hurt

Didn’t think it would hurt to put this up. It’s a post I sent to

Living in the Truth of the Present Moment:

I liked the comment in lesson 35 about the ethers. Actually it was about finding that warm spot inside, a kind place, a place where the infinite spirit starts his stair or path to Himself. I was given something for free today. A lunch. A good lunch and hot coffee. Also, some company. It was very nice. They were Christian for the most part so my thoughts were with Christ. I kept reading others where you had written ethers. I went, yeah, oh, others, yeah I know, as I read it. I also reflected on our oneness with the Divine. Some believe in duality, a God and his child or his devotee and others believe it is all one. Lal disco0vered that she was one with her Guru. She and Gurunath were the same one and so I read that into this, but the ethers. I had heard of the ethers in the 70’s in college when this wonderful young teacher took up a free class of Alice Bailey’s books. I became a passionate lover of A.A. Bailey’s books then. That’s where I read of the etheric and the akashic. Don’t confuse it with the ether that is a substance used to subdue animals and even human beings. That is some awful stuff. This ether also would have something to do with the atmosphere wouldn’t it? Though that woudn’t take me to the center of the universe, would it? Oh, I also found it helpful to agree with everybody. My brother turned Christian is offended at yoga. So, I don’t do it. Not when he is present anyway, present in the ethers or the etheric. Present in consciousness. The yoga finds a way to creep back in. I’ve been doing it for 30 years, right? How do I stop. The mantra repetition since I was 25. Now I’m 58. So, I agree with Bill. But these fellows at the free lunch given at the Senior Center, they began to talk about Iraq and gov’t and though we had had a nice conversation until then I had to disagree. I like President Obama and I think he has been too conservative and too bipartisan. These elderly fellows did not feel that way at all. The did not want to tax the rich. Somehow they think taxing the rich is taxing them and they are far from it. They are at the Senior Center to have a free lunch!!!. Well, I am sorely pressed for my rent, now $900 backe up. No electric, turned off day before yesterday, over $200 to get that reconnected. Begging from friends and getting the negative. But I found an old friend who seems to be doing well. He writes books and music an sells them on the net. I’m sure you’re too busy to check him out but his website is www.wignelson.com. We used to play chess in the old days in college. He won most of the time. We also sang together, the old Beatle and Bob Dylan tunes in his car. He took me to his parental home back then. He was a private fellow but kind and a good wit. Another old fellow apparently was willing to come to Facebook. My friend in Hawthorne High School in 1970 and on, a Jack Collins. He has quite a mind. They had to create a physics class for him in H.S. There was one. Florida seemed to be a bit behind N.Y. educationally. When I transferred here I got all A’s in my classes, except for gym which I skipped. The senior year it went back to the barely passing grades I was used to in N.Y. I have to think of Einstein when people flatter me for my intelligence. I never did very well in school. Now and then there were flashes. The employment application forms ask about those sorts of things. How I did in High School. Well, they are not geared to middle aged men in general. Talking McDonalds and Pizza Huts here. They are looking for kids and kids are applying to them. Had to get this off to you about the Etheric. I thought it was others. I must need a new prescription for my glasses.

Peace Unto You.


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