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A 9th grade Eng…

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A 9th grade English class came and worked in the kitchen yesterday and they are there again today. Boy, what spirit and enthusiasm. I just loved them and their teacher. They added nicely to the kitchen vibe which has gotten better. I remember my supervisor Astrid talking about dead end jobs. We decided that a job that didn’t give you raises nor offered no promotions, the work study job, was a dead end job. Weren’t we the joke. Now, I’m working in the kitchen of a homeless shelter for my bed. Boy, there’s the dead end job, isn’t it? It’s no job at all to SF. It’s what we need to do to keep a bed, which is a pretty good thing when you are penniless.

It was after the class arrived this morning that I found my extra power cord.

By the way, my cell phone arrived yesterday and I got it last night. Groovy. I called TempForce this morning to tell them of my changes.

Ram speaks of seeing things into existence and I am working on that. While some things get me negative other things should keep me positive. I don’t want to perpetuate negativity but I would like to avoid the pollyanna, Mr. Sunshine thing. Maybe that is a samskara.

Did a new lesson arrive? Seems like I have been on this one quite a while. What is it? Oh, Ram lost a computer, the lesson on it, etc. Someone studying the subtle body, a hospital, a doctor Ram knew. He wondered why more of that wasn’t happening? It’s all up to him, or me. We create the universe, or I.

We SEE it into existence.


Saturday, 1/14/2012

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Saturday, 1/14/2012

Eddie in the Gainesville Library Headquarters

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The Enemy Within.

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Do you feel like you have people working against you on the inside?

J. Edgar Hoover wrote a book called The Masters of Deceit. It was

about the communist conspiracy. It was about an enemy on the inside.

Would you call them spies, secret agents? It’s a trust issue and if you

don’t trust people they call you paranoid, which is a disease of the


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Alachua County Housing Authority

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Alachua County Housing Authority.

Low income housing. Sounds great.

Just need a job now.

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