Dear, I have nothing here about me. I was born in 1953 in Greenpoint, N.Y., a little town in the borough of Brooklyn, one of the 5 boroughs of New York City. I had a step-sister, step-brother and a natural brother at the time. My natural brother’s name was different from mine as my parents were not married when he was born. My mother was divorced and my father was separated and seeking a divorce. According to records I recently discovered it would seem they did not marry until they had considered having me, their second child together. Some little slip of paper says 1952 but it is not an official record. More official parchment indicates my father’s divorce in 1951, I think it was. Life is too busy for me to keep records. I should put that aging piece of paper in my safe deposit box but it would be hard to find at this point. The only thing in the box now is my grandfather’s obituary indicating he died at a baseball game at Ebbets Field. Mom confirmed this was true. My grandfather had a heart attack at a ball game in Brooklyn.

I have always been a Yankees fan although I allow for 1955 and Jackie Robinson because I believe in justice for all people, not just whites and not just men and not just straight people.

I’ve been involved with Siddha Yoga for a long time although the form of this involvement changes. I became interested in yoga in 1974 when I met a philosophy teacher who followed the Surat Shabd path and Kirpal Singh who was then the head of that lineage. It was also called Ruhani Satsang. My philosophy teacher’s name was Phil Goldberg. It was community college and Phil, a handsome, divorced, hippie, artistic fellow was teaching logic in a new and unique way. Later he taught philosophy in much the same way. I wrote poetry in those days and I submitted some for extra credit. I was also just looking for some approval of my writing. We were to grade ourselves ultimately so the extra credit didn’t really matter. Phil was also an ex-New Yorker and a friend of an ex-New Yorker poet named Nolan Shapiro. I hope they won’t mind my mentioning their names here.

I graduated community college but I didn’t do as well at the 4 year school, the University of Florida, which I had begun before transferring to Santa Fe Community College. Drugs, drinking and a wild exotic sex drive got in my way at UF. It hadn’t been so bad at Santa Fe but I often wonder if our still being in Vietnam in those years had anything to do with it. I was at SFCC when George McGovern campaigned for but lost the presidency of the United States of America in 1972. It was quite a wild year that was.

I have never been able to keep a job. I am suspicious of why that is. In fact I have never had much paying work at all but I was always willing to give you a ride wherever you wanted to go or to discuss issues and maybe answer questions with folks.

I’ve lived with my parents who were union workers for the Pennsylvania Railroad in N.Y. Mom got a disability for arthritis and dad got a full retirement having served the PRR for 40 years since he got out of the Army in 1929 where he was in the cavalry, believe it or not. I was told once that his father took care of horses. I guess this is why he was in the cavalry.

My father died in 1992, my mom just 3 years ago in 2007.

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