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Our University Standards

September 14, 2011 Leave a comment

As well as a path to serve the needs of our nation, college graduation is a path to personal wealth and security.

Keeping it difficult does not necessary give us more accomplished progessionals as it does exclude

potential geniuses in their fields and keep working class students from achieving aims that would advance

their financial security.


Obama and Clinton

August 17, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s a funny thing, Obama overcame the front runner who was supposedly as liberal and as minority as he, Sen. Hillary Clinton and yet it seems his presidency is very different from her. He wouldn’t take her for his vice-president. I wonder how close to Obama’s voting record Vice President Biden was? Vice President Biden would really be the kind of president that President Obama is, moderate, not expected to do much.

I wonder how much Obama misses Rev. Wright. Wright really had a passionate style and remember it was as a close friend of Rev. Wright that the president made his great speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. It may well have been the extremism of Rev. Wright that gave candidate Obama the support he needed to defeat Clinton in the early primaries. I’ve always questioned why Mrs. Clinton didn’t attack the president’s association with Rev. Wright earlier and with more venom. Why didn’t she attack the sexism and homophobia of the black left? I think the words Wright used in speaking of Mrs. Clinton certainly revealed a deep sexism in his thinking. Indeed we now see what the sexism of the Democratic Party can do for us.

Yeah, it’s true I don’t know so much about sexism which is to the male chauvinist’s advantage. Being male, I am naturally counted as his allie. But, I’m not. I supported Mrs.Clinton’s candidacy. I don’t understand how someone so closely allied to her wing of the party could challenge her candidacy. Of course later we heard Mrs. Obama speak of the life expectancy of black males. So, Obama will never turn 80. He couldn’t wait out a Clinton presidency either. Certainly he was a much more serious candidate than Rev. Jesse Jackson and why was that? Was it that he was half white? I do wonder and he is giving away the causes we fought for in 2004 and 2006 and 2008. He made himself different from Hillary Clinton by offering a different health care plan and now you see what kind of plan he was talking about, no public option. Even during the campaign we saw her declare Obama’s plan’s lack of universality and now we have a plan that is not universal, it does not give every American an option to take the government’s insurance over the private sector’s.

I can’t imagine Mrs. Clinton’s conduct toward the war being any different from Obama’s. We are still in Afghanistan which Mrs. Clinton was startled to believe the left wanted out of.  I do think Clinton could have worked better with the Democratic Majority than Obama has. I don’t think she would have lost the Congress in 2010 but then we will never know, will we. What’s done is done. One thing though, Mrs. Clinton never had to renounce her husband the way the President had to renounce Rev. Wright. Mr. Obama says he has been looking for a new religion. Hasn’t found it yet. Will he find a real Black Nationalist Christianity as he did when he found Rev. Wright’s church or will the enormity of the white right and his need to appease it decide his religious beliefs now that he is president?

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