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January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Brit Hume called on Tiger Woods to convert to Christianity claiming that religion was more compassionate and merciful than Buddhism, which Hume claimed was known to be Woods’ religion.
Woods a Buddhist? I’ve never heard that before.
I have a little cap I bought from Tricycle with Om Mani Padme Hum written in Pali on it. I wonder why Tiger has nothing like that. I never see Tiger fingering any beads or sitting with his eyes closed before a hole or even before a match.
He never speaks of Buddha or Buddhism at a news conference. It is a better known fact that Richard Gere is a Buddhist. He has fought for Tibetan independence for years and I believe I see Buddhist themes in his movies.
I have followed Siddha Yoga for years and I am often seen with beads in my hand, on my wrist or around my neck. My disagreeable brother called my rudraksha mala a rosary when I visited him in the 90’s for one of his sons’ college graduation.
In Siddha Yoga they chant a long sacred text called the Guru Gita. I’ve chanted it quite a bit. I get no questions about it unless they have an undercurrent of criticism. I get very little open minded, liberal comment on my practices nor the texts that are read in Siddha Yoga.
Even should you go to a Hare Krsna Center where they are know to desire to convert all of us to Krishna Consciousness, you will hear only the most simple arguments against Kasmir Shaivsm the highest philosophy according to Siddha Yoga.
There is an argument in my mind all the time between the dualistic Krishna devotees and the monist Siddhas. Pity is there is so much emotion, so many avenues of argument and so little attention given to the arguments. In Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada’s books you will hear the impersonalists compared to Buddhists. Buddhists reject the Vedas as the ultimate source but impersonalist accept them. The problem is according to Prabhupada is they have misinterpreted the Vedas.
Add to this our Judeo-Christian civilization where there is no moral problem with eating meat and repeated birth and death are rejected as a fact of existence. A new book, the Urantia Book, embraces this refutation of reincarnation as well as astrology but agrees that Jesus did not, as many of the Gurus, Avatars and Swamis say, teach of a God of wrath and vengeance.
Now, I have also read of a Bodhisattva called Tara. She is even called a Goddess in some circles. She is said to be form of Kuan Yin whose statue graces a pond where swans swim in Shree Muktananda Ashram.
I have tried in so many ways to get those TV and politician people to go up there and give me some news about it but no one will. So, who really are they to talk about conversion and who has mercy and who doesn’t?
There are many things that cause us stress in our daily life. Maybe a thing like time and eternity which I wrote about in a previous post helps us. Siddha Yoga offered me that. I was thinking about it again and my mind offered me this, “I am doing well now. I am not worried about a dollar at this very instant but that time will come if you don’t get a job. Where is time and eternity then?”
Some people just want a hard time. That’s what Gurumayi says. My mom used to call myself and my old man prophets of doom, although dad and I had very different opinions about the world.
I was the rock and roller. Many of us do have some very dim views of the future and of the world. Conservatives spoke of liberal paranoia in 2004. Any kind of paranoia is naturally a problem. Is it paranoia to be suspicious when right wing Christians enter a discussion with long haired hippies about God? Every kind of suspicion is called paranoia. I think I should have been suspicious when my mom linked the words Freemasons and Brotherhood. So many years later and after both my mom and dad have died I wonder if mom was trying to tell me the kinds of conversations she and dad had in private. He was ignorant enough to call his Shrine brotherhood.
Rock and roll expressed its apathy in 1972 when Ten Years After sang, “I’d love to change the world, but I don’t know what to do. So I’ll leave it up to you.” Was that really apathy or a comment on how things are. As young people we weren’t trusted to run things. We didn’t know what to do was the opinion of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. So we left it up to them. Did they change the world?

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